Episode 222 | Are Masterminds Still a Thing? — Thrive in Five!

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Have you wondered if masterminds are still around? They are! But they're also hidden inside different things... listen in if you're looking to surround yourself with a supportive community!


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What is a Mastermind Group?

A mastermind group is like your personal board of advisors, but way more fun! It's a group of pers who regularly meet (typically over zoom) to cheer each other on, share useful insights, and help each other strategize and come up with creative solutions for their businesses.

Think of it as a melting pot of ideas, where everyone brings their unique skills and experiences to the table. These gatherings are all about setting big goals, staying accountable, and, most importantly, giving and getting support in a confidential, high-energy environment.

Whether it's for business, personal growth, or just about anything else, being part of a mastermind group means you're never alone on your journey! 🌟💡🚀

Are Mastermind Groups Still a Thing?

Yes, and also, they look a bit different now than when they were "HOT" a few years ago.

Traditional masterminds like the ones described above are definitely still around, but sometimes a little more challenging to find—and typically come with a hefty price tag.

What we're seeing is a variation of masterminds that are inside of different cohorts or coaching groups. For example, inside Shift, our group coaching program for bloggers and content creators, we have set up different ways for our members to connect with and support each other. This has made our group turn into it's own mastermind! They connect a couple of times a month on group coaching calls, and are able to bounce ideas off each other at any time in their own private Slack channel. We have a similar setup inside the Profitable Blogger Society.

So you may now find mastermind groups inside of a coaching program you join, a membership, virtual conference, or even a class that you take!

How do I find a Mastermind Group?

Look at where you need guidance! If you're looking at a coaching program, ask the organizers if they have a mastermind option inside of the group. We love this because not only are you getting 1:1 coaching when you're in Shift or the Profitable Blogger Society, but you're also getting a powerful think-tank from your peers inside the program with you!

Start researching courses or coaching that you need, and then ask if they have a community component.

Ready for a Blogging Coach?

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