260 | Beyond Basics: Advanced Strategies for Explosive Blog Growth

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Ready to grow your blog? Let's go beyond the basics with four advanced strategies for explosive growth! Grab your notepad, because we're covering a ton in this Thrive in Five episode!

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Hello, blogging babes and welcome back to another Thriving Five episode. And for this one, I'm going to have to talk like a Gilmore girl because I have got a lot to say. To cover in just five minutes, we are talking about going beyond the basics and some advanced strategies for explosive blog growth. So there are four things that I want to quickly touch on in this episode that I think are going to help you grow in a huge way.

And they're going to be some things that maybe you haven't considered or haven't fully given enough time to. So let's go ahead and dive into them. The first one is leveraging data analytics. Now, we talk about looking at your data, but how often are you guys looking at your data? And I don't mean just looking at what is the best time to post on Instagram.

I'm talking about going even deeper. We want to really analyze our audience in order to be able to predict trends that are upcoming and be able to tailor our content so that it performs even better, better than ever. So things you're going to want to look at. Easiest thing to do right from the bat is going back to months prior, even this time last year on your blog and on social media and looking at what was performing for your audience.

And also look at What was not performing, what blog posts were getting the most traffic, what Instagram posts were getting the most views, the most comments, what reels were working really well this time last year. And then look ahead a month and look at, let's look at July. Let's look at August. Let's look at when did fall content really start to pick up and take off for us.

That way we have time to really prepare and make sure that we are prepared. able to get our content out in a timely matter for success. So really leveraging your data analytics can really make a massive, massive difference in the results that you're seeing with your audience. Number two, advanced SEO. I want you to think just beyond keyword research.

So if by now you have totally covered SEO, you've got blog posts covered, you feel great about your keywords, you're driving traffic. If not, you want to go to our shop shop. thrivetogether. blog or check the links below and get our SEO one on one course. Otherwise, if you're feeling good about that, You need to start looking into backlinking, optimizing your content and improving your site speed.

There's so many different things that you can do here, and I just want to touch on a couple things in this super short episode. But looking into guest posting, reaching out to other bloggers or industry websites to write guest posts and include links to your blog. You can, one thing that I really love is to make sure that you are answering the questions that your audience has.

So going and doing your research to answer common questions in your niche. So you are the go to expert is huge. This could also be a huge bank that you can just link internal blog posts to, to answer those questions. Make sure you're optimizing your images, of course, to improve your speed. site speed, regularly update old content and repurpose content.

One cool thing that you can do is oftentimes we create blog posts that are all tied together and we try to link them internally to each other, right? Well, why don't you create. a comprehensive guide to that one topic. So if you were creating four different blog posts on a certain topic and they all link to each other, awesome.

Now create another blog post that has all of those all tied in together in a comprehensive way to Just be one more amazing user experience for your audience. Also to help with SEO, plug in those keywords, show yourself as an expert. Okay, quickly moving on AB testing. This is something that I love to do specifically in Email, but you can look into doing it in other ways.

The biggest thing is, you know, utilizing A B testing when it comes to your subject lines for your emails. So if you're feeling like your emails are not getting opened as much testing, different types of subject lines for your emails, but then also like create different variations. So let's go over to the blog or to reels, create two different types of short form video for one blog post to market one blog post.

So if you are doing a recipe post, do it with a, uh, No music, very ASMR, like all the sounds, all the mixing, all the things, closeups, and then do one that is completely the opposite and see how they perform. That's how we do a lot of A B testing and really leveraging. Our data and seeing how our audience reacts to what we're pushing out.

That's what this entire episode is about is just like, you really want to test different things with your audience, leverage your data, really use that SEO, provide great experience for your audience. All of these things combined are just going to help your growth exponentially. The last tip that I have is collaborations and partnerships.

So look into collaborating with other bloggers and influencers to be able to tap into new audiences and expand your reach. We've seen people do this through giveaways. We've seen this through social media, takeovers through. Email takeovers, blog posts, um, guest posting. There's so many different ways that you can do this.

Share audiences. Why not? It's a great way to grow and also to build great community within the industry. All right, that's what I've got for you in this quick episode. I'm probably over five minutes already, but if you guys want more and you want help with increasing your income without overwhelm, I want you to head over to thrivetogether.

blog. Increase to get an exclusive training on increasing your income without overwhelm. It's a free training that you can get signed up for right away. I'll also include the link in the show notes for you guys. All right. See you guys back here in a few days for a new episode.

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