Blog Growth Action Plan

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What is the blog growth action plan?

This year, our CEO, Breanna Pair, and Thrive Community Leader, Lani Jackson, decided they wanted to make some big changes for their personal blogs. They knew that in order to see growth in their blogs they had to have a strategic plan, and why not share the journey with the Thrive family?

Every month you can expect a blog report to see what they worked on for the previous months, and how their stats and strategy has improved. You'll also get a quick re-cap on the Thrive Podcast, and you're invited to a virtual Happy Hour on Facebook the evening that podcast episode goes live. During Happy Hour Bree and Lani will share a cocktail, and chat live with our FB group about the previous month, and answer question anyone may have!

The whole reason with sharing this information is so you are able to learn from them. Each month will have a specific focus (January, they're focusing on Pinterest), and they'll be sharing strategies they've learned, and the systems they've created. If you have any questions that you'd like them to cover, leave a comment below and let us know!

Bree's Blog Report:

My blog in 2018 was barely existent. I was blogging as I could while my husband and I were traveling across the country - and I was very strategic with the content and the way I formatted those blog posts.

However, I wasn't blogging consistently enough with a plan for growth. Same with social media.

What didn't work:

No consistency and no real plan.

What I liked:

Being creative and having fun with travel posts. This year got me excited to start blogging with a plan.

I can't wait to start blogging again with a growth plan in place. I have put all of my time and energy into Thrive, and I'm excited to do something for me.

Yes, Thrive is my business so it's technically for "me"... but a place where I can express things in my voice, sharing what's going on in my little world, and not necessarily educating others on how to blog and run a blogging business.

I am really excited to begin this journey and put into action what I have been teaching others for the past 5 years.


Lani's Blog Report:


Since I have been since blogging since 2011, I have a diverse amount of content: recipes, how-to's, tutorials, printables, and other evergreen content that continues to drive traffic to my site. Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest.

Social Media:

My social media worked for me when I used it. I was inconsistent, but when I did focus in and connect with the followers I had I saw engagement, growth, and traffic.

What Didn't Work:

Lack of consistency in every area with zero plan. I mostly wrote when I had a deadline from a sponsored post. I did not share enough personal stories and allow my audience to see me raw and authentic when I was struggling.

What I Liked:

I loved when I received a comment or DM from someone who read my blog or listened to my Insta-story and it helped them, inspired them, or resonated with them.

I loved the moments I pushed publish and felt proud of the content I had created.

What Frustrated Me:

Sitting at my computer feeling empty of ideas, inspiration, and a plan. I did not see the kind of growth I wanted. And while I did grow slightly, I also lost potential followers because I didn't consistently engage or post.

What I Will Keep Doing:

I am going to keep doing this Blogging/Influencer thing! I am going to keep being inspired, keep learning, and keep on planning to make this into a business that brings in the income I have been dreaming of.

Future Plans on Improving:

Doing this Blog Growth Action Plan and sharing the journey as I learn and grow.



January's Strategic Focus: Pinterest!

Stay tuned, this week you can find a new podcast episode to hear the history of Bree & Lani's blogs, and why they wanted to take on this new challenge in the first place. You can also join them for late-night Happy Hour on Thursday at 8:30pm CST in our Facebook Group!

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