Episode 216 | Blog Trends for 2024

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With a new year comes new goals and strategies for content creators and bloggers. If you're ready to reset your strategies in 2024, this episode is for you! We're diving into blog trends for 2024! Although the landscape of content creation is ever-evolving, I want to equip you with the best ideas, concepts, and strategies for your brand year after year.


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Top Content and Blog Trends for the New Year

Continued Rise of Short-Form Video

In the landscape of digital content creation, it's no secret that short-form video has emerged as a dynamic and engaging platform—you're not shocked with this 2024 trend, right? With the ubiquity of smartphones and the success of platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, short-form video isn't going anywhere.

These short-form videos offer opportunities for bloggers and creators to connect with their audience in a more immediate and engaging format. Stepping into video content can be daunting, particularly for those uncomfortable being on camera. Rather than assuming that this short form content has to include a front-facing narrative, you can explore other formats, like behind-the-scenes coverage or time-lapse content. Take a look at what might better align with a your comfort zone and aesthetics.

User-Generated Content (UGC) Takes Center Stage

The second trend I see continuing in 2024 is user-generated content (UGC). It has dynamically evolved in the digital space, offering an avenue for audience engagement and potentially magnifying a brand's visibility. UGC often harnesses the power of shared experiences, creating a community around a brand, and seamlessly extending its reach. When large brands involve you and your blog as the content creators, they can grow organically and cultivate a more loyal consumer base.

UGC is becoming an integral aspect of the content creation process and provides so much opportunity for creators, but I do have concerns in pricing. I worry that too many creators are pricing themselves too low—when that happens, it hurts the industry.

Be aware of how much time a brand wants to use your content for and how long it will take you to create the content when you're pricing yourself. We talked about this with Kameron Buckner in episode 211 of the podcast, along with many other legal things to consider.

If you want to learn more about how to price yourself and get paid what you deserve for your content, make sure you grab our pricing guide for sponsored content.

Authenticity and Transparency

As a reminder, authenticity and transparency are increasingly valuable in content creation. With audiences seeking genuine experiences and personal connections, creators and marketers are being called upon to offer unfiltered, real content.

Transparency induces trust, strengthens audience relationships, and humanizes a brand, making this a key content trend to delve into. When bloggers and content creators share their stories and personal experiences, it builds a deeper bond with their audience. Please note that you also have the power to set boundaries. You can make conscious decisions about what to share, striking a balance between personal storytelling and professional content, thereby establishing a strong connection with your audience.

Community Building and Engagement

The next blogging trend I expect for 2024 is community & engagement. Building a community and fostering engagement have become imperative in the digital content creation space. It is about creating experiences and value for the audience that extends beyond the content provided. This could involve creating spaces for interaction and connections, such as the following:

  • Create a Facebook Group
  • Create a Broadcast Channel on Instagram
  • Host Local In-Person Events (Charity Events)
  • Host Virtual Meetups in Your Industry
  • Do a Book Club
  • Have a Recipe Swap with Your Audience

By nurturing genuine relationships and collaborations within the community, you're creating a profound impact and better overall engagement.

Multi-Platform Content Distribution

Content creators needed to be able to reach their audience across multiple platforms in order to be successful. In 2024 it's going to be even more important to create content that is tailored to different audiences and formats. The key to this? Repurposing your content.

Repurpose your content across all of your marketing and social channels, then look at what performs well on each one. This will give you a bigger reach for everything you're creating!

Data-Driven Content Strategies

Lastly, we can't go into a new year without considering data. Don't look at this as a trend, but rather a strategy that you need to include across all platforms. Content creators that can use data to understand their audience and measure the success of their content are going to be able to make smarter decisions.

If you want your audience to grow and your engagement to go up, you need to used data driven content strategies. You can learn more about data-driven content and message mining inside of The Profitable Blogger Society and Shift, getting the support you need for your blog in 2024.

Resources Mentioned

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