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Ep. 008 // How To: Use Affiliate Links Strategically with Skye McLain

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If you're ready to start making money and want to use affiliate links as one of your revenue streams then listen in! Skye Mclain is a virtual assistant and has also been a blogger for over 11 years? What does that mean? She's techie and knows strategy. Win-win.

She also knows how to give us some helpful tips and instruction so that way you can start making money with affiliate links, and do so in a strategic way so you're making the most you can without feeling like you're just pushing links to your audience all the time.

Listen to the Episode Here:

Highlights of Episode 008:

  • Being and having a virtual assistant
  • Using affiliate links & making money from them
  • Using Amazon affiliate links
  • Being authentic and honest with your audience
  • ShopStyle and RewardStyle

Links Mentioned:

Memorable Quotes:

"A good virtual assistant is very efficient, and they're very focused, and they're very accurate. They do things right the first time. They're saving you so much time because they're going to do whatever takes you 3 hours, they're going to get it done in an hour. It's going to save you so much time."
"There is a very important level of trust and community that you have to build up with your people before you just start throwing affiliate links in their faces…Give honest feedback for whatever the product is that you're sharing…If you plan to use affiliate links as part of your income program, you have to be willing to share them all the time…Don't be afraid to overshare it."
"Crafting content as a bloggers, that's a part of your soul that you're putting out into the world. And you feel like when you hire somebody else to assist you with that, it's not as authentic; it's not as "you." And I don't think that's true. I think you can be more of who you are when you have somebody there supporting you and doing the stuff that really doesn't feel like who you are."
"People sometimes use being authentic and being transparent as a stragety, and that in it of itself makes you inauthentic. If you're having to strategise who you are then you're working too hard. Just do what you want to do and share what you're doing with the world and that right there is how to be authentic. Don't use it as a strategy to try to get more people."
"Everybody in the blogging world is trying to grow their audience, and I am all for that. Get all the people in your group that you can. But stop trying to grow your audience, and try to grow your audience. The people that are already there, help them grow. Help them be better at what they want to be better at. And whatever it is that you have to offer that makes them a better person, grow that. Don't try to grow your numbers. Just try to help your audience grow."

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