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Blogging isn't what it used to be, but there are so many more opportunities for us now than there were 10 years ago. In today's episode, I'm highlighting what I think makes a professional blog, the opportunities that blogs provide, and how you can take your blog to the next level!


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Welcome to the Thrive Podcast. If you're a blogger, influencer, you found this show for you. I'm Brie Pear, your host and blogging coach, here to help you take your brand to the next level. At Thrive, our mission is to equip bloggers and influencers with practical tactics and strategies that can transform your brand to give you the lifestyle you want.

We offer tutorials, workshops, and a supportive community to accompany you on your journey. I created the thrive podcast to give you simple, actionable steps that you can use to drive real results in your business. I also wanted to give you a peek behind the curtain of others in the industry that you look up to.

Our guests share strategies they've used to grow revenue streams that are working for them and insider info you won't find anywhere else. Now let's get ready to thrive.

Hello, blogging babes. As I was getting ready to record this episode, I'm getting the David Bowie song stuck in my head. Time may change me. Y'all know what that song? Yeah. Okay. Anyways, I'm talking about how things have changed and And the David Bowie song that I haven't heard in probably a gazillion years popped in my head.

So, here we are. It's also hilarious that, um, as I am recording this, I am also getting blown up on my phone with text messages from a group text message. Now I'm wondering if I can say this. I don't think she, my sister doesn't listen to my podcast. She better not. Um, but we're planning a surprise birthday party for my sister and it's going to be 90s themed.

And so it's, that's also like somebody just texted maybe a wig, like they're planning outfits right now. Watch my story because I will post pictures from this party that we're having at the beginning of June. Somebody just said Amazon clip on bangs. Oh Lord. Okay. Let me figure out how to hide my notifications.

And we'll get started. Do not disturb on. Okay, so speaking of things changing, blogging has changed over the years, recently, different updates, all the things. So let's talk about it today. I've got a whole bunch of like, blogging is not what does blogging look like now, whole bunch of things for us to just chat about and.

I'm talking about all of this because I keep seeing people talk, like, on threads about how we, everybody wants blogging to make a comeback, or blogging's gonna make a comeback in 2024, and I'm like, that's great. Obviously. I'm here for it. I don't like blogging ever left. How do you guys get your information if not from a blog, right?

Whether it's for your home or for your car or for your laundry machine, right? Like we learn things from blogs. And then the other part of me is like, yes, please. Can we start talking about blogs more and more? And yeah. If you guys want blogging to make a comeback, start a blog or start blogging again.

Let's do it. You know, blogging was, you know, I think so much more popular than it is now because it was like the main form of communication, right? Like me and my friends, like we would blog three to five times a week and it was to build connection and I was reading blogs every single day. Like, I would go on.

Hit refresh on Ashley's blog. Hit refresh on Jessica. All these names are so from my generation, I'm realizing. But hit refresh on their blogs to see like if they had a new blog post pop up. I remember a beautiful mess back in the day. They were blogging multiple times a day and they had guest bloggers and all of that on there.

So it wasn't just like they had a team, but it was like, Hey, Constant. And it was amazing. And I loved it. I was obsessed. And then we would pop over onto Twitter and have conversations with each other. There Pinterest didn't exist. Instagram didn't exist. All of these things. Like that's how we started. And then.

We got Pinterest, then we kind of got Instagram, but Instagram didn't have any links or anything. So that's like where Bree started, you guys. That's why I just freaking love blogging. So let's talk about what professional blogging is not. And I say the word professional, because if you want to have an online space that is simply to write and record memories and all of that, and you have no intention of.

You don't care if people are reading it. You don't care if you get page views. You don't have any intention of monetizing it. Okay. So that's why I'm saying professional blogging, right? To differentiate the two, because I think there's total value in having a creative outlet that you don't make money from.

I think everybody needs to have that. We should all have hobbies that we don't try to make money from. I don't know why that's so hard for me sometimes as I'm over here doodling and I'm like, Oh, I can make money from this. Focus spree, just make money with one thing, let things be a hobby. So professional blogging, what professional blogging is not.

It is not writing a couple of blog posts a month and thinking you're going to get thousands of page views and be able to make ad revenue and be able to make a bunch of affiliate income just by writing two blog posts a month. Okay. Professional blogging is not writing about whatever you want without regard to SEO.

And it is not an online journal. All right. So if you're just getting into blogging or if you've been on social media a lot and you're like, I want to revive my blog. Okay. Bye bye. Just some laying the groundwork on like, let's just be real with each other. If you just write one or two blog posts a month and expect it to get on Mediavine, probably not going to happen.

Okay. So what does blogging look like now to make it a business? It looks like writing strategic blog posts weekly to grow an audience. It looks like doing SEO research for every single blog post and using keywords correctly. Now, all of that can be like, Oh God, Bree, blogging sounds like such a task. But like, here's the thing guys, you get to write blog posts about topics you love that will also resonate with and attract your ideal audience.

It's not like, yes, it's work, but so is everything in life. And I'm saying that because sometimes I think when it comes to, especially with social media, we want that instant gratification and we want it instant, instantly. Yeah. Okay. Bree just mansplaining myself. I don't know. We want instant gratification.

Blogging is not instant gratification. However, it is instant gratification. Long term success, if you start correctly, or if you start now correctly. So doing the SEO research, being strategic, writing blog posts consistently, it looks like putting in the work in order to have long term success. It's not going to be instant, like what you're seeing on social media.

Right? You're not going to have a blog post just magically take off on SEO after a day or two. That's not how it works. That's social media or the possibility of social media, right? We all have posted a million reels and have not seen them take off, but it is consistent work that does pay off if you do it right.

Because it's not that instant gratification, I think that's what turns a lot of people away from it and perhaps discourages us. And so to that, what has helped me stay consistent with having long form content on a blog is seeing what the long term success can look like and also having some fun things that do provide that instant gratification.

Because for me, if all I'm working on is like the long term game. And I'm never getting any like, That was amazing, Bree! I loved this! I shared this with a friend! Or I listened to the podcast and I loved it! Like, if I never got any feedback, because, let's be real, we don't get the feedback from our blog like we used to.

So we need some of that instant gratification, right? So, that is why I get on social media. That's why I have a Facebook group to chat with you guys, right? Like, I still need some of that instant gratification. However I also know that I want this to be a long term career, and frankly, I don't trust that certain social media platforms can provide that for me.

I really don't think that if I go all in on Instagram that I can confidently say that in 10 years. I will still have a successful business if that is the only thing I did. So while I want you to grow a blog or if not a blog, looking at YouTube, if not YouTube, growing an email list, you could have wild success with an email list.

You don't have to necessarily treat it like a blog in the terms of you don't really have to do the SEO work, right? You have to grow your email list. You have to get people on your email list, but once you do have a successful email list, you can work with brands with your email list. Because if you think about it, if you have 20, 000 people on your email list.

and you have a 40 percent open rate. Okay. Which you can do. I got, I got faith in you. And I also have tools to help you do that. Versus if you have 20, 000 people following you on Instagram, what is the percentage of people that will see an ad from a brand? That you posted, a sponsored post, 1 percent of your audience, 2%, 3%, 5 percent if we're lucky, right?

Like it is a small fraction. So just imagine what you can provide to your brand, right? So that is why having something that is longer form content. It's going to be so much beneficial and it's going to be around, like, I'm saying the blog, YouTube, email list, because those are things that have been around since the beginning.

Since the beginning of time. Oh my god, I sound ridiculous, but it's gonna last. And. If we're going to put in the work, I want it to last. That's something that is like, it's hard for me to watch. And it's also like, I can't do it. I've tried it, but just going all in on something like Instagram and pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing.

And then being done after it, let me say, like, let's say you do a 30 day reels challenge. Right. And you push, which I feel like so many of us did whenever real started, like was a thing. And then And then what? Those reels perform for a little while versus if you were to spend 30 days writing blog posts, if you put out a blog post every single day for 30 days, that was highly strategic, had the SEO keyword research done, was fun for you to write and resonated with and attracted your ideal audience.

Those 30 blog posts could set you up for years. It's true. I'm not being dramatic there. I promise. I would not lie to you. So that's how blogging has changed.

It's not something where you have to blog three to five times a week. It is something to where you need a stockpile of blogs that are very strategic, very well done and have that SEO keyword research done. And then you're pushing it out on Pinterest as well. Like that's your kind of bread and butter there.

That's how blogging has changed. It's no longer just, let me just put it out there and see what happens. And everybody's kind of like pushing each other through this fun little community. It is the work, but it is sustainable versus how many influencers bloggers have we seen be like, I can't do this anymore, or I need to take a break.

Or have you felt like that? And just been like, I can't do it. I need a break. I need to step away. Because it's just too much. That's when blogging can step in and help you and save you and make this an awesome long time career for you. It's not a short term game, but you know what? It is really creative and fun.

Like, yeah, there are like technical things that you have to like, figure out and learn how to do the SEO research and everything. And we have an SEO 101 class that you guys can take. And Um, the videos are less than an hour long in total, Daniel Gagnon did it in partnership with us. It's phenomenal. I will link it in the show notes for you guys.

But once you learn that it's creative and fun. Like you're getting to blog about what you want to blog about. You are getting to blog about topics that you love that resonate with your audience and are super fun for you to dive into. Blogging can give you that financial freedom for longterm and it can provide passive income down the road.

Go blog. I know people talk about passive income and like, some people are like passive income is a myth. I will say that if you have a blog that is generating page views for you because of the work that you've put in over the years, and this is true because I have girls that are inside shift our group coaching program that are getting 50, 80, a hundred, 200, 000 page views a month.

Not because of blog posts that they cranked out this week or last month, but because of blog posts that they have stockpiled and created over the years and done so correctly, made SEO updates, and now it's generating page views for them. And that way they're able to be on higher ad networks and make money from it.

So if they were to take time off, which I have advised a couple of the girls inside shift now to do this summer. I'm like, you know what? Let's, instead of you hustling and writing two new blog posts a week, or however many they're planning on doing, let's give yourself a little bit of a break. Let's update some blog posts every single week and get those ones that should be performing and aren't.

Let's get those adding to your pay to account. And then let's give yourself some breathing room to like breathe this summer, spend more time with your kids. If you've got or get things ready for the fall. It gives you the freedom to be able to do that once you have those blog posts that are generating page views for you without you doing anything.

That is true passive income. Social media is not going to give you passive income. Like, at all. Blogging is so much more reliable than social media. Sure, we have gone through Google Updates and all these different kinds of things, but you know what? We've been, I know everybody has been upset and rightfully so, of course, when you're page views take a hit and it has nothing to do with what you did, of course, you're going to be upset and you're allowed to be upset, but this is not the first time it's happened.

Gone through ebbs and flows. We've gone through updates over the years and it's always come back. It's always come back. So it's going to be okay. Now, while blogging is not as reliable as social media. It is also not a replacement for social media. I love social media. I am on it all the freaking time, you guys.

I love talking with you guys on there. I love scrolling. I love being influenced by you guys and buying outfits and all the things, finding recipes, how like, I love it, but it is not a replacement for social media because again, we want this to be a long term career. So blogging should be your first step.

And then social media, if you're in this for that long term career. Not the other way around. And if you are currently in the like 90 percent of social media is where your time goes and 10 percent goes to something else, I want to challenge you to look at changing that a bit. I will never tell you to stop doing something that is generating income for you.

That's not, that's not me. I ain't going to do that. I'm going to tell you to go grab that money while you can. So I want you to do your income generating tasks always, right? Bye. Do your income generating tasks, do whatever you have to do on social media to keep that money coming in, but then your extra time or maybe reallocating a little bit of time to building up something that is going to continue to give you that long term career that you're wanting.

That is being a smart business owner. That is being CEO. It's making the money while also building what you need to build. That's just the same as somebody listening right now that is working in nine to five job and doing this as a side hustle. That's just the same as where I was a few years ago, working with clients in marketing and graphic design while I was growing Thrive with my goal of Thrive being a full time job.

It's the same thing as I'm going to hustle on Instagram because it's bringing me money, but I'm also going to build up my blog. Because I know that combined it can be a long term game. And I know I can't rely on Instagram being a long term game. I know I can't rely on TikTok being a long term game.

They're talking about freaking banning it. Which, you know, whatever. Like, we can't rely on that. Who's to say something could happen with Instagram next? We don't know, but blogging is solid. So I'll get off my little pep talk here with my little microphone and, um, leave you guys with that. I would love to chat with you more.

I have had several girls join shift lately and it is already a huge game changer. So let me just do, because if we don't talk about our own stuff, who's going to talk about it for us, right? Shift is awesome. Is I was telling my assistant about this earlier. She's like, Brie, she's a new assistant. Freaking love Ashley shout out.

Hey girl. And she was like, Brie, I don't know about enough about shift. And I was like, Hmm, that's kind of a problem because that means my audience doesn't know a lot about shift. And then I started telling her and she was like, Oh damn. The girls inside shift get feedback from me every single week. If they want it, I am in their business with them every single week.

one on one advice. Okay. One on one support, one on one brainstorming, whatever they need every single week. And then twice a month I am on a call with all of them together. And it is like a bad ass mastermind where we are solving problems together, talking through things that are going on in the industry that are driving us crazy, supporting each other, giving each other advice and ideas and coaching for a solid hour, twice a month.

They also get a whole bunch of other trainings if they need templates built for them. We help them with that. All kinds of stuff. The support that these girls are getting, I need to be talking about it more. And I've been really bad about promoting my own stuff for some reason, because we all get in our own heads, right?

This is Bree getting in her own head. Shift is amazing. I built it for bloggers that love blogging. needed and wanted support and to not go it on their own anymore. And I built it in a way so that way I could be in multiple people's business, not in a bad way, but in a fun way, in a supportive way, every single week.

If they need me, I'm on call. I got your back. So if that is something that you want, I would love to chat with you about this. I send every single person that applies to join shift a custom loom video where I talk to you about your brand and talk to you about if this is the right move for you or not right now.

So you can go to thrive together. blogs slash shift, fill out the form, and you will get an email from me, not from anybody else. Not from my assistant, even though you would all freaking love Ashley. It's from me, from Brie and let's chat because let's grow your business and let's grow it into a long term career.

Something that provides freedom and wealth for you and your family long term. Let's do it. You guys have an amazing rest of your week. I'll talk to you soon.

Thank you for listening to the thrive podcast for resources mentioned in today's episode, head to thrive together. blog. And if you're a blogger or influencer looking for a community that is ready to cheer you on and be a resource to help you grow, be sure to join the thrive blogging community on Facebook.

If you love this episode, I would be so honored if you subscribe and leave a review on your favorite podcast app and give our guests some love over on social media until next time. Keep thriving.

The Power of Blogging

I started blogging in 2011 and it's so funny to see people on Threads talk about how they think blogging is going to make a comeback this year. Blogging never left—consider how many of us have been putting the work into our blogs and building a brand over the last few years.

When I started blogging, it was one of the main forms of connection with our audiences at the time. We would blog 3-5 times a week and chat on Twitter. Oh how things have changed since then.

With so much content online, we see a variety of creative outlet blogs and professional blogs that are competing to create the better content. What actually makes you a professional blog though?

Professional Blogging Is Not..

  • Writing a couple of blog posts a month and thinking you're going to get thousands of page views and be able to make ad revenue.
  • Writing about whatever you want without regard to SEO.
  • An online journal.

Professional Blogging Is..

  • Writing strategic blog posts weekly to grow an audience.
  • Doing SEO research for every single blog post and using keywords correctly.
  • Writing blog posts about topics you love that will also resonate with and attract your idea audience.

Why a Successful Blog Can Lead to Opportunities

While there are so many fun things you can do with your blog, it's important to consider some of the foundations for a successful blog so that you can succeed in 2024 and beyond.

The first thing you need to remember is that blogging is not a short term game. When you get started with a blog, you have to remember that it's not social media. It does take time for your content to take off and you have to establish a connection with your readers. Inside of Shift, our bloggers will see posts from years ago getting traffic—all from SEO and past marketing efforts. Don't forget that your blog can be creative and fun during this process though!

As you're exploring all of the opportunities your blog can offer, consider the financial freedom it can offer. Through sponsored content, affiliate income, or even selling your own products, you can generate income and even explore passive income down the road in a way that social media can't.

You also need to consider the role that blogging plays with social media. While blogging isn't a replacement for social media (I still think you should have socials), it is more reliable than social media.

As you're reflecting on the work you're doing on your blog, consider where your time is going and if you're working on income generating tasks. Put yourself in the CEO mindset—make money based on the things you're doing in your business for your blog.

Take Your Blog to the Next Level

If you're ready to get support on your blog and take it to the next level, Shift might be the right fit for you! Inside of Shift, we offer two monthly calls and personalized feedback every single week for bloggers ready to take their brand to the next level.

2:11 - The Evolution of Blogging

4:34 - Professional Blogging: What It Is and Isn't

6:17 - Strategies for Successful Blogging Today

12:02 - The Power of Consistency and Strategic Content

15:59 - Blogging vs. Social Media: Building a Sustainable Career

19:19 - What's Shift?

Ready for a Blogging Coach?

If you're ready to join us here at Thrive and get a coach to help you go to the next level, DM us over at @ThriveTogetherBlog and just say, "Hey Bree, I think I might need help." We have multiple coaching options at different budget points and we're always happy to chat with you about what those could look like for you.

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