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January's focus was on Pinterest, read the instructions for growing your Pinterest following and increasing your pageviews HERE, and head to this post to read the stats. February's focus was Facebook! Check out the stats on how Bree & Lani improved and are planning for the upcoming month, below.

How to grow your blog, the blog growth action plan.

Bree's Blog Report:

Important Things That Happened:

The Thrive Conference happened at the end of last month, woohoo! So to say I was swamped last month is an understatement. I look at my stats below and am a little discouraged at the pageviews, but then when I stop to think about how busy I was last month with Thrive I am encouraged.

Because when I look at the rest of the stats, the things that I focused on this year (Pinterest & Facebook), those stats have increased! That's proof that this plan is working, and I just have to get back into the game and make sure I'm optimizing Pinterest and Facebook to drive traffic towards my blog.

I'm getting a lot more traffic on both of those accounts now, so now it's time to make sure they're doing what they're supposed to - increasing my traffic.

Monthly Goal:

My goal for February was to survive and learn as much about Facebook as I could. I took an online webinar, researched successful pages and made notes about what was and wasn't working for them. Then, I tested things on my own page!

I think that it was a very successful month for learning new Facebook strategies, and I'm excited to see the stats increase over the next quarter. Make sure you listen to the podcast episode where Lani and I dive in deeper about the strategies we learned so you can start applying them yourself!

Blog Housekeeping Done This Month:

I updated my profile pictures across the board. I did a Galentine's photoshoot with some local blogger friends, and got a cute new headshot. It was nice and bright for spring, perfect timing!


Lani's Blog Report:

Important Things That Happened:

This month reminded me that my audience is on Facebook! They want to hear from me. I reworked old content into my schedule almost every day on Facebook and saw great results in traffic to old post.

That is one thing that I love about Facebook. It is a great place to repurpose old content year after year.

Monthly Goal:

My Goal this month was to create a consistent schedule of posting. I didn't quite get to a full schedule due to the busy-ness of February, but I saw results from the effort I did put it. I am challenging myself to set aside a day every week to schedule things for facebook to stay ahead of the game.

Next month goal: March is all about SEO. I need to refresh myself on what is new and relevant in SEO for my blog. I have looked up several articles and am working on creating a list of things I can do to optimize the posts that I already have as well as create a new system to SEO every post that goes live. The first thing on my list is to make sure all of my photos are SEO happy!

Blog housekeeping I did this month:

I went back to Pinterest again and reworked my pin schedule. I am trying a new strategy of less pins and more tribes. I updated My Story on Facebook and looked for more sharing groups to join where I can share my recipes and family friendly content.


Want more information? Head to this post so you can listen to the podcast episode where Bree & Lani share what they learned on how to grow your Facebook page.

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