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Episode 213 | Boost Your Revenue with LTK and Amazon: Finding the Perfect Balance for Influencers – Stefana Silber

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If you're feeling frustrated by the lack of earnings from your affiliate promotions on LTK and Amazon, despite your efforts to maximize commissions, then you are not alone! Many influencers and bloggers struggle to find the right balance between promoting LTK and Amazon links, resulting in less than optimal revenue and audience engagement.

In today's episode, we're joined by Stefana Silber, a seasoned content creator who has been making waves in the industry for over seven years. With a strong focus on maximizing income through affiliate sales with LTK and Amazon, Stefana has become a go-to resource for influencers and bloggers looking to boost their earnings. Listen in as she shares her tips for gaining traction on both platforms, along with best practices for sharing on social media!


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Boost Your Revenue with LTK and Amazon

Starting out as a fashion influencer, Stefana quickly recognized the untapped potential of affiliate commissions and dove headfirst into the world of home decor and design. What started as a pursuit of making some extra money quickly turned into a full-fledged business that became her family's main source of income.

Stefana's expertise shines through her engaging content on platforms like Instagram and her blog, where she shares valuable insights and tips for balancing the promotion of LTK and Amazon links.

LTK (Like To Know It)

LTK is the one platform where you can get the most access to the most brands out there that cover all industries and niches. While Stefana is successful on the platform, she claims to not even come close to the most successful influencers on LTK—there are currently 200 millionaires who have earned their revenue from LTK. Success takes consistent and persistent work in order for those affiliate pennies to start adding up eventually.

One of the biggest mistakes that content creators and influencers are making on LTK is having a presence but not doing much with it. LTK is a money making platform, not just a social media platform. If you're going to invest your time into multiple social media platforms, make LTK one of those. Part-time effort produces part-time results—when you put in the time and effort, you will see the results that pay out.

If you're ready to start growing your influence inside the app, Stefana thinks you should increase your posting gradually depending on where you are now. If you're not posting at all, start with posting once per day—that's the bare minimum. Realistically, you should be posting three times per day throughout the day (morning, mid-day, and evening). Holidays do change things—increasing your posting.


While most influencers who have been in the game for a while got started with LTK, you can't dismiss Amazon's affiliate program. The reason it's so powerful is because everyone loves Amazon and influencers want to go to where the money is.

Stefana forces herself into a balance between the two tools, because she considers her audience's buying habits, high-end and quality products, and if they get bored with just Amazon products.

Finding the Perfect Balance of Promotion for Influencers

While finding the right products and sharing them with your audience is how affiliate income works, there is so much more work that goes into it, including social strategy, gaining influence, and creating content. It's a lot of hard work, especially when your reach is impacted by the types of content you create and the messages you're sharing.

For Stefana, she's found the most success online with video and reels on Instagram. This means she's had to shift her sales approach—where she used to focus on Instagram stories, now her main feed and reels are where she sees engagement.

Let's walk through a few considerations for posting and promoting your affiliate links on social media.

Your Mindset Shift

One of the first things you have to move beyond is your own mindset and learn about repetition. Not everything has to be new and unique content—you don't have to create fresh content, but rather repeat content without worrying about boring your audience. Not everyone sees your content every time you post it.

Get Organized with Tools

You'll also find that posting goes beyond typical work hours, which is why you should take advantage of tools for both organization and scheduling. Within both LTK and Amazon, they have organizational tools to categorize your links to make it easy for you and your audience to find what you're sharing online. When it comes to actually posting online, you shouldn't have to pause in the middle of dinner to post, so make sure you're scheduling out your posts.

Hiring Help and Its Impact

As your business gets bigger and you're sharing more content, there may come a time when you need to scale and hire help. This isn't the path for everyone, but it's certainly an option. If you're looking to hit that millionaire status, know that they're not doing it alone.

This could come in the form of tools or people. Stefana has invested in two tools that have truly impacted her business, including DM automation and and deep link technology. She uses DM automation to deliver links to her audience from her main feed and deep links allow for her links to force open the retailer apps on the phone, taking users out of the social media app they click within (helping keep track of the affiliate link).

In regards to hiring people, you have to think with a CEO mindset. Take a look at your CEO hourly rate—is that task worth paying yourself that amount or should you hand it off to someone for less?

If you're ready to take your influence to the next level and increase your affiliate income, make sure you check out Stefana's resources and courses!

Resources Mentioned

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  • 3:51 - How Stefana Got Started
  • 6:22 - Excitement for the Future of Influencers
  • 8:32 - The Growing Industry of Influence
  • 9:12 - Video Content and Reels
  • 14:41 - The Importance of Investing Time and Effort in LTK
  • 16:24 - The Power of Affiliate Commissions
  • 18:42 - Room for New Content Creators on LTK
  • 20:14 - How Many Times to Post on LTK
  • 29:26 - Repetition and Organization
  • 30:58 - Balancing Work and Life with Tools
  • 31:59 - Hiring Help & Investing in Tools

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