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Category: Blog Growth Action Plan

Ep. 049 // Why Video Content is Now a Must for Bloggers

If you’d asked us 2 years ago, we wouldn’t have said this. Video content is everywhere, and it’s now something all bloggers need to start doing. Listen in on Bree & Lani’s conversation about how to get started with video, and the reasons why you need to start now. Listen

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Ep. 045 // The Level Up Blog Plan

Listen to the Episode Here: Highlights of Episode 045: Thrive Podcast anniversary The Blog Growth Action Plan & how much of a game-changer it is The new “Level Up Series” Why learning new things is so important Free learning! Investing in learning Following through with what you learn Thrive Virtual

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Ep. 036 // Instagram Growth Action Plan

Want to increase your engagement, followers, and income on Instagram? Grab your notebook! We’re giving you a 4-week growth plan for Instagram and you can get started today. Listen to the Episode Here: Highlights of Episode 036: Watching Instagram grow & wins of May! Consistency & community Valuing quality followers

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What is a Mastermind Group?

You’ve probably been hearing the buzz about Mastermind Groups and people talking about how amazing they are and how they’ve changed their business. If not, don’t worry, we’ll catch you up. If you have heard about them, you’re probably also wondering… What exactly is a mastermind group? Why is everyone

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Blog Growth Action Plan Stats

January’s focus was on Pinterest, read the instructions for growing your Pinterest following and increasing your pageviews HERE, and head to this post to read the stats. February’s focus was Facebook! Check out the stats on how Bree & Lani improved and are planning for the upcoming month, below.  

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Ep. 023 // Facebook Growth Action Plan

  Facebook isn’t dead! In fact, it drives a lot of traffic to both Bree Pair and Keikilani “Lani” Jacksons blogs. Today on the podcast they break it down for you, how to optimize your page, how to utilize groups, and the 3/4 rule you need to be following. Search

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