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Category: Blogging Tech

Tools to Build Your Email List

Let’s talk about email list building tech and do a breakdown of the strategy, how to maximize your site for opt-ins, and my tech recommendations for new bloggers and seasoned bloggers who wanna take it to the next level. A common metric that bloggers focus on when measuring the success

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12 Best Apps for Bloggers on the Go

As a blogger, productivity and efficiency are key. Keeping a consistent posting schedule, pushing your content to social media, monitoring your stats, keeping up with tasks, creating and editing visual content, and curating new content can become overwhelming if you don’t have good systems in place. It can get even

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9 Steps to Improve SEO and Google Rankings

SEO can either make or break your blog. Why is SEO so important? Here’s an example. Bad SEO? Low rankings on Google, low or no pageviews, and no growth. Great SEO? Higher rankings on Google, higher pageviews, increased growth, and following. Um, sounds awesome! SEO can increase your exposure so

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32 Subject Lines to Improve Your Email Open Rates

I love to geek out over email marketing. I swear I am in our email system almost daily checking on how our latest newsletter is doing, where people are clicking on our emails, and how our funnels are performing. One thing I am really obsessed with is our email open

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Essential Blog Investments Every New Blogger Should Make

Blog posts contain affiliate links. When you click on these links Thrive earns a small commission that helps keep our blog running and supports our team. If you have any questions, feel free to read our disclaimer and privacy policy. Thank you! When I started blogging over 12 years ago,

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