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262 | From Readers to Raving Fans: Building an Engaged Audience

It’s fun to have readers, but what’s even more valuable is creating raving fans through an engaged audience! In today’s episode, I’m sharing three key technique and strategies for getting engagement and converting readers to raving fans! If you’re loving these Thrive in Five episodes, shoot me a DM on

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242 | The number one tool bloggers and influencers should be using

For the month of April we’re sharing 5 tools that bloggers and influencers should be using, up first, Flodesk! We share the why, the how, and there is a special FREE template that you can get for a Blog Newsletter for Flodesk.  Get your FREE Blog Newsletter Template here: SUBSCRIBE

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240 | How to Increase Sales on Digital Products

Have a digital product but not making any sales? We don’t want that! Tune in to learn a few tricks to start getting those sales rolling in again.  SUBSCRIBE ON YOUR FAVORITE PODCAST PLAYER Apple Podcast Player | Spotify Today’s episode is brought to you by Shift: Are you ready

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238 | How to Set Up a Tripwire for Email

If you want to make money by sharing your freebies, you need to set up a tripwire! This is the easiest way to start making money from your own digital products without feeling like you are asking your audience to buy all the time. Listen in as Bree explains what

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236 | Should you jump on the digital product trend?

This episode discusses why a digital product is a great way to start making money, especially if you’re starting your blog! Bree also shares opt-in and digital product ideas to get those ideas flowing. Don’t forget! DM Bree over on Instagram @ThriveTogetherBlog and ask her anything at all about growing your brand! 

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