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Category: Marketing

9 Steps to Improve SEO and Google Rankings

SEO can either make or break your blog. Why is SEO so important? Here’s an example. Bad SEO? Low rankings on Google, low or no pageviews, and no growth. Great SEO? Higher rankings on Google, higher pageviews, increased growth, and following. Um, sounds awesome! SEO can increase your exposure so

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How to Make Brands Love Your Sponsored Content

Big bloggers make working with brands look fun and easy. They can have you thinking, “Well, I want a brand deal with Loreal. How do I get in on this?” It’s not as easy as it looks, but it’s not as scary as it sounds either. As a blogger, one

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How to Increase Blog Traffic Using Pinterest

It’s no secret that Pinterest can help increase your blog traffic like crazy. Bloggers have attributed their top two referrers for page views to Pinterest and SEO. We have taught you how to use keywords for SEO to increase blog traffic. Now, let’s apply what we’ve learned and use it

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How to Use Keywords for SEO to Increase Blog Traffic

Keyword usage can be tricky and possibly a little overwhelming for those who haven’t learned. Learning how keywords work, how keyword research is done, how keywords affect SEO, and what keyword tools and planners help with the process is a skill you can perfect over time and make a constant

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How to Hide a Pinnable Image on Your Blog

You want your readers to share your blog post across the Internet as much as they can! One reason you might want to hide a pinnable image (it could be one with text overlaid) is that you don’t want it to be seen in your blog post, but you’d like

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What Bloggers Should Include in a Media Kit

A media kit is essentially a resume, for bloggers! Which means we get to make it fun and include pictures, our own branding, and fun stats to brag about ourselves. Media kits are used when you’re trying to get brand collaborations. If you’re ready to start working with brands, or

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32 Subject Lines to Improve Your Email Open Rates

I love to geek out over email marketing. I swear I am in our email system almost daily checking on how our latest newsletter is doing, where people are clicking on our emails, and how our funnels are performing. One thing I am really obsessed with is our email open

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5 Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Growing and How to Fix It

Seeing results in your blog can be difficult if you’re not doing things correctly, and no one wants that. The truth is your readers expect certain things from you and in order to rank higher on Google, you have to do certain things. If not, you might find yourself running

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Mega List of the Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

How do affiliate links work? When you sign up with an affiliate program, you gain access to a unique link made just for you. With this link, you can refer your readers, followers, etc. to products on the website using your affiliate link. When they buy products on the website

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