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Category: Podcast

Ep. 056 // Pillar Content

It’s 2020! Pillar content is content that is a blog post that you create underneath a category that keeps people clicking around on your blog and create fans! Sounds perfect, right? Listen in as we talk about how to create these type of posts to set your blog up for

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Ep. 055 // Setting Up for Success

Ready to take on big things over the next year? Well, the time to start is right now! Listen in to learn about the importance of reflection and the small steps you can take right now that will help you optimize your time and propel you forward for the next

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Ep. 053 // Leveling Up Your Blog Photography

Brands look at your stats, but they also pay very close attention to your photography. Did you know, that you could get a contract with a brand just because your photography is outstanding? Even if your numbers are “low.” Tune in as we talk about the importance of leveling up

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Ep. 050 // Owning Your Authority with Skye McLain

Imposter Syndrome, Confidence, Courage… how does all of that make you feel? We’re diving into the topic of owning your authority and how to grow your blog and walk in confidence as a blogging business owner. For a dose of confidence, real talk, and a kick in the pants you

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