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Category: SEO

How to Increase Blog Traffic Using Pinterest

It’s no secret that Pinterest can help increase your blog traffic like crazy. Bloggers have attributed their top two referrers for page views to Pinterest and SEO. We have taught you how to use keywords for SEO to increase blog traffic. Now, let’s apply what we’ve learned and use it

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How to Use Keywords for SEO to Increase Blog Traffic

Keyword usage can be tricky and possibly a little overwhelming for those who haven’t learned. Learning how keywords work, how keyword research is done, how keywords affect SEO, and what keyword tools and planners help with the process is a skill you can perfect over time and make a constant

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EP. 026 // SEO Tips to Explode Your Page Views

SEO sounds scary, but we promise it isn’t. If it is something that we can figure out, you can too! We’re all about keeping things simple and effective. So if you’re ready for your pageviews to start growing, you need to make sure you’re implementing SEO correctly. We break down

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