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SEO Plan for Bloggers

Episode 180 | SEO Plan for Bloggers with Bree Pair

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool that bloggers should be considering if they want to make money from their blog! If you’re ready to better understand the technical aspects of SEO and put a plan in place to start growing your page views, this episode is for you!

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Increase Your Page Sessions

Episode 161 | How to Increase Your Page Sessions with Stephanie Rutherford

If you’re ready to get creative with different streams of income for your blog, have you thought about creating a magazine for your audience? Guest Miranda Enzor of Spooky Little Halloween is returning to the podcast to tell us about her adventures with creating a magazine for her audience! She shares the boos and the wins in this episode and they are sure to get your magical ideas brewing! 

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seo course for bloggers

Episode 114 | Easily SEO Blog Posts with Danielle Gagnon

In this episode, we’re talking all about micro-influencing, who is defined as a micro-influencer, and how you can go full-time with a lower follower count. You don’t have to have a ton of followers to make a lot of money with your blogging business. We’re breaking it all down with full-time content creator, Tomi Obebe!

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Ep. 078 // How to Fix Bad SEO with Natalie at Thrive

If you’re worried you’re not doing SEO the correct way then tune in! We go over exactly how to do Keyword Research and then how to apply those Keywords! That way, you’re on track for steady pageview growth year after year. We’re chatting with Natalie, Thrive’s Content Strategist & a full-time

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9 Steps to Improve SEO and Google Rankings

SEO can either make or break your blog. Why is SEO so important? Here’s an example. Bad SEO? Low rankings on Google, low or no pageviews, and no growth. Great SEO? Higher rankings on Google, higher pageviews, increased growth, and following. Um, sounds awesome! SEO can increase your exposure so

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How to Use Keywords for SEO to Increase Blog Traffic

Keyword usage can be tricky and possibly a little overwhelming for those who haven’t learned. Learning how keywords work, how keyword research is done, how keywords affect SEO, and what keyword tools and planners help with the process is a skill you can perfect over time and make a constant

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Ep. 026 // SEO Tips to Explode Your Page Views

SEO sounds scary, but we promise it isn’t. If it is something that we can figure out, you can too! We’re all about keeping things simple and effective. So if you’re ready for your pageviews to start growing, you need to make sure you’re implementing SEO correctly. We break down

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