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Ep. 066 // TikTok for Bloggers with Nicole Gradeless

Are you on TikTok? Better yet, are you using TikTok strategically to grow your brand? Nicole joins us on the podcast to share her thoughts on this newish platform, how to monetize it, and how she’s gained almost 300k followers in just 3 months! Head over to iTunes after the

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How Plann Can CHANGE Your Social Media Strategy

It’s beyond difficult to post on a day-to-day basis without a plan, a strategy, and a schedule. It took us a while to get it all planned and organized. We know a lot of you out there who are struggling too and we want to share our strategy with you.

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Ep. 036 // Instagram Growth Action Plan

Want to increase your engagement, followers, and income on Instagram? Grab your notebook! We’re giving you a 4-week growth plan for Instagram and you can get started today. Listen to the Episode Here: Highlights of Episode 036: Watching Instagram grow & wins of May! Consistency & community Valuing quality followers

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Ep. 034 // PR for Bloggers with KJ Blattenbauer

Blog posts contain affiliate links. When you click on these links, Thrive earns a small commission that helps keep our blog running and supports our team. If you have any questions, feel free to read our disclaimer and privacy policy. Thank you! Getting your voice out there beyond the strategies

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Ep. 024 // What to Do When Your Engagement is Low

Are you ready for the secret formula on how to increase your engagement? Focus on enriching the lives of your audience and providing value to them, when you do that, your numbers will grow. You’ve heard us say that before, so what is Bree’s advice on what to do when

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Ep. 023 // Facebook Growth Action Plan

Facebook isn’t dead! In fact, it drives a lot of traffic to both Bree Pair and Keikilani “Lani” Jacksons blogs. Today on the podcast they break it down for you, how to optimize your page, how to utilize groups, and the 3/4 rule you need to be following. Search “Thrive

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