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Category: Starting a Blog

How to Handle Societal Crisis as a Blogger and Influencer

Social issues are arising more frequently than ever. With everyone having different opinions and ways of expressing frustration, it’s easy to want to hide under a rock or continue on with your daily life. However, as a blogger with a platform, how should we go about handling a societal crisis?

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4 Mistakes New Bloggers are Making

Hi blogging babe! First of all, if you came here to make sure you weren’t making these mistakes, then that’s great! However I want to preface, if you do read something from this list that might resemble you slightly, don’t do what I do. What is that? I blow it

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4 Steps to Write Blog Posts Faster

If you are looking to increase your page views as a new blogger, we usually suggest pumping out more content. The more posts you have that are correctly SEO’d (check out our tips here) and shared on social media correctly, including Pinterest (check out Pinterest tips here), will drive more

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5 Common Editing Mistakes

I hate to break it to you: Editing your work before publishing is crucial whether you’re new to content creation or a well-seasoned writer. That’s why we’re breaking down the 5 most common editing mistakes bloggers make. Typos, grammar mistakes, and clunky sentence structure can creep up on all of

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Essential Blog Investments Every New Blogger Should Make

Blog posts contain affiliate links. When you click on these links Thrive earns a small commission that helps keep our blog running and supports our team. If you have any questions, feel free to read our disclaimer and privacy policy. Thank you! When I started blogging over 12 years ago,

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