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261 | Join Me for a Blogging Mindset Exercise

Mindset is such an incredibly important component to success in entrepreneurship and plays a key role in staying creative and inspired. In today’s episode, I am walking you through a mindset exercise that I recently did with the gals in Shift. So grab a pen and paper, and let’s dive

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259 | Blogging Has Changed

Blogging isn’t what it used to be, but there are so many more opportunities for us now than there were 10 years ago. In today’s episode, I’m highlighting what I think makes a professional blog, the opportunities that blogs provide, and how you can take your blog to the next

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258 | Stop relying on youtube university

If you’ve been a scrappy blogger and content creator, you know how powerful free education is, yet there comes a time in every creator’s journey where you have to start treating your blog like a business. In today’s episode, I’m sharing why it might be time that you stop relying

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256 | When is it time to ask for help?

Most of the time when business owners are drowning in work, but have yet to hire someone, it’s not budget or timing, it’s fear. Has fear stopped you from growing your business before? Today I’m sharing my own experience in asking for help and hiring team members. This episode was

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254 | 4-Step Method to Hitting Your Blogging Goals

We’ve spent a bit of time discussing goal setting on the podcast, but what about how to go after those goals? In today’s Thrive in Five episode, I’m sharing the 4-step method I use for hitting my goals! SUBSCRIBE ON YOUR FAVORITE PODCAST PLAYER Apple Podcast Player | Spotify Today’s

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253 | When should I update my branding?

Are you loving the new look around here? We recently rebranded Thrive and all of our platforms! In today’s episode I’m sharing how we determined it was time for a rebrand, why we rebranded, and what you should consider if you’re wanting to rebrand! LEARN MORE ABOUT THE TOPICS DISCUSSED

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