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Ep. 067 // Local Brand Collaborations

You’re leaving money on the table if you’re not working with local brands! Listen in to learn how to pick up that money, and do it strategically so you grow your audience at the same time. No matter what your niche, every blogger can work with local brands. Head over

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4 Steps for a Successful Sponsored Blog Post

Whether you’re a blogger, influencer, boutique owner or cupcake-maker, collaborations are small-business gold. As humans, we’ve always placed heavy value on word-of-mouth when we are looking for our next purchase, and the digital age hasn’t changed that one bit. Today, while we still value the service suggestion or product endorsement

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Local Love: The Power of Small Business Collaborations

The Targets and Nordstroms of the world have a notable luster to anyone working in the influencer world, (and let’s be real, they have a luster for us, shoppers, too) but the power of local collaborations pack a punch. It’s easy to lose sight of the mom and pop shops

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