252 | Do we actually need to set goals?

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Are goals important and do you really need to set them? When you're building something like a blog, a brand, or a business, setting goals will actually help you find success faster. In today's episode, we're exploring how to set goals using the SMART goals system!


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Hello Thrivers! Welcome back to the podcast. I am so glad you're here. I am going to share with you guys a strategy that I personally implement, and that is when it comes to setting goals. So full disclaimer, I like to set goals as long as I set them in a very specific way. I know some people don't like setting goals or they get frustrated or feel like they're always letting themselves down when they're setting goals.

And for me and the method that I use, my goal is to avoid any negative mindset or anything that may occur when you're setting goals to just feel like it's a waste of time. And if I don't follow my own advice, I can easily get out of hand with goal setting. And it starts to feel more like vision casting or even like Wishing upon a star and if I put too much stock into those wishes, I am going to struggle with mindset and motivation.

So today I want to teach you why I set goals and how I set them and I follow an acronym. That way I make sure I don't set a goal that is going to have my mindset in the gutter after a couple months when I look back at what I wrote down and I'm like, Oh, cool. I didn't hit any of those. What I do is follow this acronym to make sure I am setting goals in a very specific way.

And if I don't, like I said, it is catastrophe. So I just don't do that anymore. So this is the only way that I will now set goals and they are called smart goals, which you've probably heard a million times from different people. I feel like I even learned this when I was in college taking business courses.

But it's not gonna be like a boring business, um, lecture. Okay, we're gonna do this quick and fun and easily. Okay, so there are five letters in the word smart and they each stand for something when it comes to goal setting for how I do this. The first one is S and that stands for specific. So, like I said, we are not going to do any wishy washy, wish upon a star goals.

They are going to be very specific. So, I don't want any goals on my goal sheet, and I don't suggest it for you either, of like, even, even a cool goal that says like, go full time in my business. Thanks. That's awesome. But there is so much nuance to that, that we need to break down. What does that look like?

So we have to be very, very specific and the rest of these steps really help you get really specific. So number two, M stands for measurable. So I wouldn't put just, if I wanted to grow my email list, for example, I'm not going to make my goal grow email list. Because when I do that. Honestly, we don't grow.

It remains stagnant. I have to set a metric to it. So if one of my goals that I were to just set is, let's grow our email list. I want to get more subscribers on my email list. That's awesome, but it is not a smart goal. It is not specific and it is not measurable. So something more measurable would be for you to say, I want to grow my email list to 5, 000 subscribers.

So that is adding the measurable aspect to this goal. The A in SMART stands for actionable. Can I take action on this goal? Does this goal have something I can start to do? and work towards. If I can't, then why am I setting it? Again, that starts to be kind of like wishing upon a star. And we don't want to do that.

So if you can't take any action on it, if that goal is out of your control, It is not a goal that is just a wish, a hope and a prayer, and we're not doing that for our goals. So it has to be actionable. So if you were purely relying and just saying like, grow my email list, and just relying upon the stars, just magically send email subscribers to you without taking action on it again, we're not gonna grow.

So it has to be actionable, has to be something you can do right away or down the line whenever you have time to work towards that goal, it has to be something you can personally take action on. The R in SMART stands for realistic. Can I actually achieve this goal if I do the work? Also am I being realistic with if I have the capacity to do it is something that I look at.

So I know that if I set a very measurable goal of. grow my email list of 5, 000 subscribers, I can apply action and be realistic with how I do this. So if I'm being realistic, I want to grow my email list to 5, 000 subscribers. I have to look at the action part as well of what are the steps that I am going to have to take in order to hit this goal.

Right? I'm going to need to do some opt ins. I might need to collaborate with some other people to get my name out there more. I'm probably going to utilize many chat over on Instagram to drive traffic to my opt ins, right? There's going to be action that has to be taken. So is it realistic? And the other part that times in that realistic part is the T and smart, which is time bound.

So what is the deadline for this goal? If I don't set a timeline, it's going to keep getting pushed to the back burner, right? Like if you don't say, I have to do this by this date, we're just going to keep pushing it to the back of the plate, right? So when we're doing the time bound, that ties in everything, right?

So now if we're saying, I want to grow my email list by 5, 000 subscribers by January 1st. Okay. We have to look at, okay, if I'm setting this goal, is it actionable? What is the action that I can, can I take action on this right now? Yes. And only you can answer that, right? You have to look at what's on your plate currently, because you may need to be like, I want, I actually need to set this deadline to be 5, 000 subscribers.

Bye. January, 2026, right? Like you have to be realistic with it of what you're able to take action on in this moment. So that would be how I set my goals. And I have to, anytime I'm like, Ooh, this feels a little wonky. I have to run it through this acronym of specific, measurable, attainable, measurable, realistic and time bound.

And when you set goals in this manner, and sometimes you have to look to a coach, look to somebody else in the industry and talk to them, be like, Hey, if I do these things, do you think it is realistic for me to be able to hit that by this date? Because you don't know what you don't know. And we're all learning and growing.

And so if you're in that more like beginner area, or even a beginner area, In a certain area for this goal, it's totally valid to want to talk to somebody like a coach or somebody else that can help you and be like, Hey, is this actually a good goal for me? Do you think this is realistic? Do you think it's like, am I setting the right time?

And all of that. So I really encourage you to lean on resources around you, join the thrive blogging community over on Facebook, ask in there, get feedback over there, start setting SMART goals, and I guarantee you, you're going to start seeing that needle moving faster in your business. All right, I'll see you guys back here in a couple of days for a new episode.

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1:17 - Setting SMART Goals

2:22 Specific: The Foundation of Effective Goals

3:03 Measurable: Adding Quantifiable Targets

3:54 Actionable: Ensuring Goals Lead to Action

5:00 Realistic: Aligning Goals with Reality

5:57 Time-Bound: Setting a Deadline for Your Goals

7:03 Applying SMART Goals and Seeking Support

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