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One Month of email strategy to help
you grow and email your subscribers

February has 29 days in it.

That’s 29 days to make big progress on one of your 2024 goals—email marketing!

Why should I do this challenge?

What would happen if you have an email list that:

 Sends thousands of page views to your website, buys from you, and brands want to pay you to be in your emails?

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  Give me the deets!  

Week 1. Set-Up + Content Planning

To grow, we have to make sure we have a solid foundation. You’ll get tutorials and help with the setup if you’re a beginner, and learn how to create a solid content strategy so you always know what to email your list!

Week 2. Creating Irresistible Opt-Ins!

We have over 100 opt-in ideas that we know will convert, and we’ll help brainstorm brilliant ideas for your specific audience! Plus, we’ll show you how to create landing pages that will convert your audience to subscribers!

Week 3. How to Promote + Grow

Now, it’s time to get more people on your list! Together, we’ll create a marketing schedule that you feel excited about! We’ve got some tricks up our sleeves, and we can’t wait to teach you! 

Week 4. Repeatable Easy Growth System

We’re not going to peace out at the end and say good luck! We’re going to wrap up with a system that you can repeat over and over until your list is so big you’ll be busy catching that coin! 


$ 29
  • 29 Days of Training + Accountability
  • Access to the Private Challenge FB Group
  • *BONUS* Downloads to Make Growth Easier!
Let's do it!

Meet Your Coach for the Challenge!

Hey Thrivers, it’s your girl, Bree!

We’re BFFs at this point, right? You’re here because you heard me on the podcast, you’re a part of our Facebook community, or you found our email list! 🎉

When I tell you email marketing is one of my FAVORITE things (don’t tell the podcast), I am not kidding. I nerd out about the data, the setup, how to craft compelling messaging that will entice new subscribers, and I like to make it easy and fun! 

It’s going to be a month-long party, don’t have FOMO!

Still Have Questions About This Challenge?

February 1st! That’s why enrollment closes on January 31st, because we don’t want anyone to miss any of the content. 

We’ll be sending out a lot of tutorials via email, as well as the downloads. So make sure you don’t delete those emails! The Facebook Group for this challenge will close on March 1st. 

Yes! Each week, we will have a thread where you can leave a link to an opt-in or landing page for a coach to review and give you feedback!

Great question! Bree (Thrive’s CEO and coach for this Email Challenge) is obsessed with email marketing and analyzing data to ensure the performance of opt-ins, landing pages, and emails. 

This means that over here at Thrive, we have an average open rate of over 40% and gain new email subscribers every week! 

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