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An email list is a direct line to your audience—something that (let’s be honest) social media is not giving us. However, growing this list and unlocking its potential can be an overwhelming task. That’s where this workbook comes in!

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Every step you take in this workbook is a step towards unlocking new opportunities (potential brand deals, page view growth, passive income, and more!) Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to grow your existing list, this workbook will empower you!

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How to Get Set Up

In this workbook, you’ll learn about three of the email marketing platforms most bloggers use, so you can make an informed decision!

Welcome Sequence

We have a simple four-step process to create your welcome sequence and we teach you our method inside this workbook!


Not only will we give you ideas for making your own opt-in/freebie, but we’ll also teach you how to get people to sign up for it!

Get Our FREE Email Growth Workbook!

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Still have questions about growing your email list?

The first step is to get started! The next one is to create an enticing opt-in. We teach you how to do this inside the workbook, so go download it today!

An email list is a direct line to your audience, and social media isn’t! No matter how many social media platforms have come and gone, or Google and Pinterest changes we’ve had to endure, email has been our constant!

Our favorite is Flodesk for bloggers! But we compare Flodesk, MailerLite, and ConvertKit in this workbook because those are our top 3 favorites, and we have experience with all of them!

Write compelling subject lines that pique curiosity or offer clear value to boost open rates. Personalizing subject lines and sending emails at optimal times based on your audience’s behavior can also significantly improve open rates.

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