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243 | Embrace Your Influence: Social Media Therapy Session with Harley Jordan

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This episode is special, because I'm giving you a peak inside what I'm calling my social media therapy session! I was joined by Harley Jordan, who shares the impact of a judgement detox, the power of misunderstanding, and the influence that women hold in the female dominated influencer industry.

Whether you're being held back by judgement from yourself or the fear of judgement from others, it's time to step into the energy flow that works for you and push beyond these hurdles so that you can show up online how you want.


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5-Day Judgement Detox Challenge

As an Instagram brand builder, Harley says that you cannot convince her that the reason you are not posting consistently online is because you don't have the content. It's deeper than that:

  • What if it's not good enough?
  • What if someone judges me?
  • What if... what if... what if...

Instead consider what if you didn't care. Pull back your circles of influences (family, friends, expectations of society). Your brain is wired to keep you safe, yet your community has expanded online in a way that allows you to grow beyond the ways your brain was innately set up for protection. Oftentimes, it's not that you're afraid of saying things to people, but it's simply the act of talking to the masses online in a specific voice (and determining what that voice is).

In this judgement detox, you'll take 5 days off social, listen to fewer voices, and get to the root of the problem.

Overcoming the Fears of Posting Online

There are so many fears associated with being an online brand and posting content. To overcome those fears, the solution is simple: Determine your biggest strengths while opening the gate to be misunderstood. While simple, the execution is not.

Misunderstanding is such a resource on social media; when people misunderstand you, people are going to ask questions. Caveat: misunderstanding isn't about being ignorant, it's about opening conversation.

We've been taught to provide value—give a prompt in the photo or video with the long details in the caption. The problem with this is it closed the loop on the conversation. Instead, open the door for people to ask questions.

While the teachings of give, give, give, then sell is something so many of us follow, consider if selling and value were the same thing. Rather than framing it as selling, frame it as influences.

Embrace Your Influence

Many online brands and content creators fall under the role of influencer, yet many don't like the term. A lot of it has to do with mindset and the lack of professionalism in the word. Channel your inner Taylor Swift and consider this, if influencers were men and if it was a male dominated industry, it would be called a business.

If I were a man, I'd be the man. - Taylor Swift

There is a privilege associated with being an influencer, but this association isn't true. It's time to own, redefine, and embrace your influence. So many influencers are actually modern day thought leaders—consider Elyse Myers.

As you embrace this title, consider the number of young people who want to do this as a career. It's become a feminine role in a 20 billion dollar industry that is dominated by women.

Pivoting Is Necessary

As ever-evolving humans beings, we're more likely to stay in our comfort zone, but sometimes it's necessary to pivot. We live in an ever-changing world, which requires you to stay up to date in order to keep your influence.

Harley has found that for most influencers find what works for them. Whether that means not following the rules and still growing on social media or shifting to making things work for your audience and you.

Harley has implemented a new rule: release the expectations and follow what feels right. Embracing that energy allows you to grow.

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