Ep. 015 // 5 Strategic Steps to Reach Your Goals with LaShanta Green

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LaShanta Green is a familiar face around Thrive, having taught at the conference, and coming back to coach in 2019! Today she is sharing 5 strategic steps that you need to take to reach your goals this year.

If you have felt like you're running the hamster wheel and need some direction, listen in for some words of wisdom from this powerhouse strategist. Real and honest information that you can start using today.

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Highlights of Episode 015:

  • LaShanta's journey with the "Thrive Tribe"
  • The importance of creating a personal brand
  • LaShanta's 5 steps to strategize your time & make your goals a reality
  • The importance for journaling in terms of self-care for bloggers & entrepreneurs
  • Setting SMART goals
    • Review and Reflect
    • Aim for Alignment & Awareness
    • Prepare by Planning & Prioritizing
    • Commit to Consciously Creating
    • Revisit and Repeat the Process

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Memorable Quotes:

"What are the very most important things that will lead me to my goal?"

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