Ep. 025 // Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared to Start a Blog with Kristin Larsen

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Wanting to start a blog but too scared? Don't be! Today, Kristin Larsen is going to share the reasons people stray away from blogging and the reasons they should ignore these fears and go for it. After all, with Thrive on your side, you can't fail! Tune in and take notes!

Why you should start a blog

Listen to the Episode Here:

Highlights of Episode 025:

  • 5 reasons people are tempted but scared to start a blog:
    • Needing a creative outlet
    • Wanting to share experiences
    • Accountability
    • Community
    • Money
  • How to set a schedule for yourself and your blog
  • Systems and tools to use to stay on track
  • Where to go for inspiration for your blog

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