Ep. 031 // How to Blog While You Have a Full-Time Job with Jesse Coulter

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Finding the time to blog may not always be easy, but when you love doing it, you'll make the time. Jesse Coulter shares how she's kept blogging over the years and never taken a break. She gives tips for managing a busy schedule, making time for what you love, and what to do if you want to blog about things you love, and not necessarily what's popular.

Listen to the Episode Here:

Highlights of Episode 031:

  • Jesse's blogging journey
  • How to not sacrifice the things you love with a busy schedule
  • Working full-time & blogging
  • Providing quality content
  • Trends bloggers should be paying attention to
  • What Jesse would do if she started over

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Memorable Quotes:

"I have never taken a break from blogging…It's all because I enjoy it, I have fun, and I'm so passionate about it."
"I've been able to land jobs because of my blogging and using that skillset. My blog is on LinkedIn and my resume."
"Don't worry about making money, worry about solving people's problems and then you'll make money."

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