Ep. 032 // The One Thing I Wish I Would’ve Done Sooner with Abby Lawson

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Full-time blogger Abby Lawson joins us on the show today to talk about the one thing she wishes she would've done sooner! This is such a great show for bloggers of all experience levels. Abby has been blogging for quite a while now and has a lot of knowledge to share. She also gives some insider tips on how she's using Pinterest to grow and her strategy for opt-ins as a blogger.

Listen to the Episode Here:

Highlights of Episode 032:

  • Being apart of the blogging community
  • Working alongside your significant other
  • Abby's reasoning for wishing she started her email list sooner
  • What to send out in your newsletter
  • Getting started with selling products & getting your audience to purchase
  • Using Pinterest to drive traffic, build email list, and sell products

Links Mentioned:

Memorable Quotes:

"Our email list has been the #1 thing that has helped to grow our blog and business, both with traffic and income."

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