Ep. 043 // How to Make More Money as a Blogger with Jillian Goltzman

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Today we are talking with Jillian, a blogger from Houston. We're excited to catch up with her and talk to her about making more money as a blogger and content creator. We also ask her questions about using your platform for good. As long as we have been following Jillian one thing that has always stood out has been her love for supporting meaningful causes and she has made that a part of her brand.

Listen to the Episode Here:

Highlights of Episode 043:

  • How Jillian started Cup of Charisma & how it's changed over the years
  • Going full-time with blogging & how Jillian makes money
  • Content writing & working with brands
  • Using your platform for good
  • Writing distraction-free

Links Mentioned:

Memorable Quotes:

"Commit to your post schedule. If you are going to post 1, 2, or 3 blog posts a week, you commit to that and you show up every week and you do it as a service to yourself. Other people will catch on. It's really important to have that consistency there…Consistency in all of those areas are so important."
"Courage is so essential. You have to take away any limitations you have on yourself and have the courage to put yourself out there and be bold and honest. Think about the things that are going to set you apart from other people who are out there doing the same thing you're doing. If you show up being yourself, you're going to be different and you're going to stand out if you have the courage to put yourself out there."

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