Ep. 046 // Branding for Bloggers with Tiffany Tolliver

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Working hard but not sure if you've got your branding down yet? Branding encompasses your voice, images, story, color, and so much more. Branding expert, Tiffany Tolliver, joins us on the show and not only does she teach us about branding, she is bringing encouragement and motivation that we all need to hear.

Listen to the Episode Here:

Highlights of Episode 046:

  • Branding for bloggers
  • Developing your own brand & being your own CEO
  • Dos and Don'ts of branding
  • Creating progress with quarterly planning & staying on top of content
  • "Trends" vs. Consistency/Expertise
  • Things to do right now to elevate your brand
    • Stay in your budget, but continuing to moving forward as your blog grows

Links Mentioned:

Memorable Quotes:

"Do not downplay your influence…Think of yourself as that small buisness. And with that, you also have to know that you own and operate something that generates income, so you have to step into that CEO role."
"To get to the next level, to elevate, I'm consistently going to have to invest in someone who knows more than I do. That uncomfortable feeling will never go away, but know that it is the indicator that you are headed in the right direction to upleveling. Growth is not comfortable."
"Don't forget, you are the CEO. You are the CEO of your brand. No business is too small, no blog is too small to start thinking in that CEO mindset."
"DON'T try to copy or be someone else because your voice is authentic and it's needed. There's already someone taking up space as that person you're trying to copy. You will always come second to someone who is being their authentic self."
"DO operate in excellence in anything you do with your brand. So when it comes to visuals, do hire a photographer when you're able to. Learn editing programs to make your content stand out...Get personal with your audience."
"DO have your goals in mind...If you're trying to attract big brands, they want to see that you can produce quality, cohesive content."

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