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Ep. 048 // The Enneagram & Your Blog with Chelsea Swain

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Chelsea Swain is a business strategist that starts every client off with talking about their why. She uses the enneagram to help them determine what keeps them motivated and what's going to help them create a business that lasts. So on the podcast, that's what we're talking about! She tells us all about the enneagram and how to get started with it to keep your blog running successfully.

Listen to the Episode Here:

Highlights of Episode 048:

  • Chelsea's work at Brimworthy
  • Using the enneagram as a tool for business coaching
  • How the enneagram relates to blogging and businesses
  • Advice for new bloggers
    • Creating a strategy for the year
  • Learning about your type and yourself
  • Learning about your audience
  • The Thrive Virtual Conference

Links Mentioned:

Memorable Quotes:

"What using the enneagram does is it allows you to sit there and think 'What can I actually handle? What areas do I need to grow in?' So that you can build your strategy to fill you up so you keep going until you get to the point where you can build a team, instead of allowing it to drain you."
"Owning a buisness and blogging; it's all relationships. And we can define that relationship or we can let other people do it. Working with the enneagram allows you to set a boundary right in the beginning."
"[The enneagram] helps you turn inwards to find what motivates you. Sometimes finding your type is a long journey…It's about the journey of really looking inward…It's a way, especially for creatives, to get in touch with a part of you that could easily be defined by other people."

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