Ep. 050 // Owning Your Authority with Skye McLain

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Imposter Syndrome, Confidence, Courage... how does all of that make you feel? We're diving into the topic of owning your authority and how to grow your blog and walk in confidence as a blogging business owner. For a dose of confidence, real talk, and a kick in the pants you might not know you needed, listen in!

Listen to the Episode Here:

Highlights of Episode 050:

  • Owning your authority
  • Creating "avatars" and buyers personas to niche down your business
  • Focusing in on a niche and defining your content
  • Developing your voice and your "why"
  • Getting to the point where you can stop and strategize

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Memorable Quotes:

"When you put out a lot of little, tiny roots all over the place, it does not build a strong foundation for your business. At any moment, something can come up and it can blow the whole building off the foundation. But if you have 2 or 3 really strong roots that you can dig deep into and put deep down into the ground, then when life happens…[it] won't blow the whole house off the foundation."
"You're amazing! Your unique voice matters and you can have this confidence in what you're talking about. Even if you don't feel like you have it right now."
"Owning my authority means that I have a full understanding that what I say has value and what I say is going to change somebody's life, somebody's business, somebody's financial standpoint. And it's having confidence, the experience, and the knowledge to say everything that I say with absolute authority."
"If you're going to make yourself known and have a firm spot in your marketplace, [owning your authority] is something you have to do."

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