Ep. 051 // Getting Organized to Increase Efficiency with Kate Waldo

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On the show today is guest Kate Waldo, a professional organizer for bloggers and influencers. She provides the tools for you to streamline & organize the "behind the scenes" administration part of your business so you can focus on doing what you love. On the show, she shares her tips for getting organized so you can focus on the fun side of your blog!

Listen to the Episode Here:

Highlights of Episode 051:

  • How Kate got into professional organizing
  • Getting organized & Kate's advice
    • Writing down big goals
  • Setting "Theme Days" and scheduled times to do certain tasks
    • "The Pomodoro Technique"
  • Taking breaks
  • Tools Kate recommends to stay on task

Links Mentioned:

Memorable Quotes:

"You don't have to have it all done at once because that's not possible. Give yourself a break. Any little step that you can make in the direction of getting yourself more organized, you will feel that weight come off of your shoulders and it will be moving you towards having a business that is more streamlined and less time on your computer doing the things you don't love doing. Take baby steps."
"I'm always a work in progress. I don't have everything perfect, even though this is what I do for a living."
"As long as you look at that big vision of, "what am I trying to get to?" because if you just keep doing busy work, then you'll never reach the goal you're trying to achieve."

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