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Ep. 060 // YouTube for Bloggers with Jessica Stansberry

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We know you're hearing and seeing that video content is performing so much better than written content or photos right now. So, how exactly do you get started? Jessica Stansbury joins us today to tell us how bloggers can get started on YouTube, and shares tips for creating video content that won't take an insane amount of time. That way, you can start adding it in right away!

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • How Jessica got her footing in the industry
  • How bloggers can get started on Youtube
    • "I think that of all the niches and industries in the world right now, bloggers have the most potential on YouTube, I don't see enough of them using it."
  • Making a video of the same content you wrote about
  • Growing your following with extra content
  • Content strategy
    • "So many times, regardless of the niche or the business, people fly by the seat of their pants. [If you do that,] it's always going to feel hard to write those blog posts, do those YouTube videos, record those podcast episodes. It'll always feel hard because you're never ahead."
  • Batching stories, videos, and editing
  • Editing tips
    • "Give yourself freedom, but don't make it feel like you have to be the most professional in the world...Let it be. Start somewhere."
  • Playing the SEO game
    • Focusing on the title and the thumbnail

Resources Discussed in this Episode

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