Ep. 062 // How to Batch Blog Posts with Bree Pair

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Ready to start batching blog posts? Batching can save you so much time and energy if you're doing it correctly. Listen along as Bree breaks down her amazing strategy for batching!

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Highlights of Episode 062:

  • Batching your blog posts and writing more content in less time!
  • Steps to batch more content and cut your time in HALF!
    • 1. Brainstorming and conceptualizing for 4 blog posts. Using an app for idea organization
    • 2. Batch title and outline for all 4 of your blog posts
    • 3. Time to write
    • 4. Photo taking. Batching pictures, graphics, and edits
    • 5. Scheduling
  • How this system can cut your batching time in HALF and have you writing 4 blog posts a week!
  • Focusing on batching ONLY

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