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Ep. 064// Contracts All Bloggers Need with Girija Patel

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Are you growing a blog that is going to be safe? There are certain contracts you need to have in place to protect yourself and your audience. We don't want you to have content placed on a companies website without you knowing about it (and getting paid for it!). Listen in as Girija from Your Contract Buddy goes over the different contracts and policies we need to have in place. As well as what we need to look for in a contract a brand sends our way. 

Listen to the episode here:

Highlights of Episode 065:

  • Girija Patel
  • The importance of contracts for everyone in business
    • Every business needs contracts
    • The importance of contracts in client relationships
    • Protecting your business from issues before they even happen
      • Payments
      • Information Disclosure
      • Interests and expectations
      • Agreements
    • Gives you confidence in your business and business relationships
  • Intellectual Property
    • A business owning the images/content you makes for them or allowing for a license to use
  • Terms and Conditions on your website
    • Privacy Policy
  • Legal Audit
  • Red flags
    • Names of the parties
    • Payment terms
    • Intellectual Property
      • "Made for Hire"
    • Licensing Clause
    • Cancellation and rescheduling
    • Force Majeure clause
  • Affiliate Clause

Links Mentioned:

Memorable Quotes:

"The whole point of having a contract is that it gives you confidence in your business. It makes that relationship and what you're running as a business reliable but it's also positioning yourself in your business to be successful. You're telling the world "I'm serious about my business, and I expect you to be serious about our business relationship also."
"Small business owners need to know that they have the power to speak up, negotiate a contract...demand what they want. Their business has value. They have value."

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