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Ep. 065 // Reframing Our Mindset for Growth with Jessica Zeinstra

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Strategy and execution are something we talk a lot about on the podcast, but what we haven't talked about is mindset. Jessica Zeinstra joins us on the podcast today to help us learn how to re-frame our mindset and the things we say about ourselves and our businesses, to help us grow. Don't skip this episode!

Listen to the episode here:

Highlights of Episode 65:

  • Jessica's career and mindset journey
  • Changing your mindset to change your confidence
    • Showing up for your audience with the right energy
  • Money Mindset
    • Conscious Brain: Goal-setter
    • Subconscious Brain: Goal-getter
    • Believing that money is easy to make is subconscious
      • To convince your subconscious brain that making money is easy, we add action items.
      • "Making money is easy and effortless because I..."
  • Reprogramming your subconscious brain
    • Journaling
      • Puts you into a "trance-like state"
      • Subconscious brain opens up
      • Morning pages - 20 mins
    • Vision Boards
      • Triggering images that your brain blocks
  • Mindset principles for bloggers
    • Actionable items
    • "I attract ideal clients to my page easy and effortlessly because I..."
  • Tying it all together
    • Learning what works for you
    • Being strategic about growth
    • Releasing harmful beliefs
    • Holding yourself back & limiting yourself from greatness
    • "Your good goal, your better goal, your best goal"
    • Getting to the root issue

Links Mentioned:

Mediavine's App: Grow
Jessica's Website
Jessica's Insta
Free Money Mindset Download from Jessica

Memorable Quotes:

"We have our conscious and our subconscious. Your conscious brain is the goal-setter, whereas your subconscious brain is the goal-getter. Our actions are coming from the beliefs in our subconscious brains. Our subconscious brain beliefs are inherited before the age of 7-years-old roughly. So essentially, if we believe that we can never make more than $100 an hour, we will never make more than $100 an hour. If we believe that making money is hard, we will always find ways to have it be hard to make money."
"It's like you have this beautiful apple tree and there are a couple apples that are rotten. The belief that you can't make more money is a rotten apple on the tree. The first instinct is to pick the apple from the tree and now it no longer exists. Yet, we still have a dozen other rotten apples. What we don't know is that actually deep down in the root is a virus that is causing the apples to go bad. So until we go deep down into this deep mindset root and address it from the root cause, that was a story we inherited before the age of 7 years old, we will continue, in different areas of our life, to sprout these rotten apples."

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