Ep. 069 // How to Master Instagram with Natasha at Sol Studio Marketing

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Today we chat with Natasha at Sol Studio Marketing, she's a social media storyteller, strategist, and educator. Natasha shares everything you need to know to master Instagram. Today we talk about consistency, confidence, growth, and content strategy! Tune in to take your Instagram game to the next level.

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Highlights of Episode 069:

  • Natasha's work in Instagram Content Management & starting her own business
  • Challenging yourself to show up and work hard on Instagram
  • Unfollowing people that don't inspire you & lessening phone time
  • The new rules of consistency for posting and stories
  • Advice for people who don't know what to post
  • Releasing unique content through storytelling
  • Natasha's favorite Instagram tools and the benefits of scheduling
  • Going live on Instagram

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Memorable Quotes:

"Its a lot less about the frequency of your posts, but it's more about the quality and consistency of your posting. I always say consistency is so incredibly important...If you can do at least 2 posts a week, that is amazing if you're consistently doing that and offering quality."
"Make sure you're making content that your audience really wants to see...Everything is content...Whenever you get little ideas throughout the day, get into the habit of storing them so when you go to create, you have content ready to go."
"If you can go live and do an amazing training, or review your blog, or do a demo, and then share it to IGTV so it's there forever as evergreen content...There so much value in live streams. They're a great way to build engagement with your audience."

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