Ep. 070 // Diversifying Your Revenue with Lexy Ward

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Lexy of The Proper Blog joins us for a conversation about diversifying your revenue and growing your blog in ways you might not have thought about! She also shares a "big step" she took in leveling up her blog, and if she had to start her blog over today what she'd do differently.

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Listen to the Episode Here:

Highlights of Episode 070:

  • Lexy's work in prop styling
  • Lexy's journey in blogging
  • How Lexy walked away from her day job to blog full-time
  • Contributing to other websites
  • Revenue streams Lexy recommends:
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Partnering with an Ad Network
  • Lexy's tips on growing your blog
  • The things Lexy would do differently if she had to start her blog over from scratch

Links Mentioned:

The Proper Blog
Lexy's Instagram
Thrive Blogging Community

Memorable Quotes:

"Blogging is this fast-changing landscape and you have to stay on top of it...You constantly have you look at your plan and find ways to adapt and incorporate new strategies so you can maximize the time you're spending creating content. You want to get it out there and help it find the right people and enlighten people as best as possible."
"Don't stay in one lane and don't stick yourself in a corner. Be comfortable getting uncomfortable and finding ways to adapt."

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