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Ep. 073 // 5 Things Hurting Your Blog’s Growth

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Seeing results in your blog can be difficult if you’re not doing things correctly, and no one wants that. The truth is your readers expect certain things from you and in order to rank higher on Google, you have to do certain things. If not, you might find yourself running in place, or running backward. Here are 5 reasons your blog isn’t seeing results, and how you can fix them!

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Listen to the Episode Here:

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Lack of Strategy
    • What is the most important thing in your business you need to focus on in order to grow?
  • No SEO
    • Implementing & strategizing SEO on your new and old blog posts
  • No schedule
    • Don't get behind and ghost your audience
  • Too wide, too fast
    • If you have too many categories, you might not be known for anything
  • Not putting yourself out there
    • Not showing your face, going live, using stories, etc.

Links Mentioned:

Memorable Quotes:

"What happens when we don't plan ahead or create a schedule is we have no buffer days. What happens with a lot of bloggers is they're not ahead of their content and they don't have it scheduled out, so when they have bad days, nothing happens...Maybe for that week, nothing is published and they ghost their audience."
"Having too many categories on your blog can make your viewers uninterested...If you're adding more categories, you need to build them slowly over time, or you might not be known for anything."
"You have to be your number 1 fan and put your content out there over and over and over again."

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