Ep. 076 // Why You Should Attend Conferences (Virtual & In-Person)

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Education, empowerment, and inspiration, this is the foundation we've built Thrive on, and today we're sharing why conferences are so important for growth. Not only that, but we're sharing how to get the most out of a conference! Since we've hosted more than 8 conferences ourselves, you can trust we know what we're talking about. 

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Highlights of Episode 076:

  • The opportunities virtual learning has brought us
  • Questions you want to ask yourself before a conference:
  • Pre-network with attendees, speakers AND sponsors!
  • Things you want to do during a conference
  • Things you want to do after a conference
    • Reach out to brands. Check out the Thrive Tribe if you want to start pitching brands!
    • Sign up for our free class!
  • How can conferences grow your business?

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Memorable Quotes:

"You don’t want to come home feeling inspired, only to forget what you learned and never put it to action. Review and make a plan immediately so you don’t forget and you can start growing asap!"

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