Ep. 078 // How to Fix Bad SEO with Natalie at Thrive

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If you're worried you're not doing SEO the correct way then tune in! We go over exactly how to do Keyword Research and then how to apply those Keywords! That way, you're on track for steady pageview growth year after year. We're chatting with Natalie, Thrive's Content Strategist & a full-time VA! Let's get into it!

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How to Fix Bad SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with Thrive

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Highlights of Episode 078:

  • Keyword Research
  • Rules of Keywords:
    • If you're going to use keywords, you have to actually blog about them
    • Strategic usage of keywords
    • Brainstorming & asking questions
    • Using Google for Keyword Research
    • Long-tail keywords
  • How to apply keywords:
    • Alt-text
    • Anchor text links
    • Headings
    • Using keywords throughout your blog
    • Sharing on social media
    • Linking internally when possible
    • Optimizing your meta description
    • Making sure your website is mobile-friendly

Links Mentioned:

Memorable Quotes:

"If you just start writing blog posts without doing your research, you're not doing it the service you should be."

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