Ep. 083 // Social Media Marketing for Any Size Audience with Ellen Yin

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An open conversation with Ellen Yin about marketing on social media to any size audience and capitalizing on it. We discuss the integral stages and mindset shifts she implemented at the start of her brand to grow it to the multi-six-figure business it is today. Tune in to be inspired and equipped with the knowledge of how to start marketing and profiting to any size audience.

Ellen Yin is the founder of Cubicle to CEO, an online membership teaching service providers how to make their first $10K month, without a large audience or posting every day. To date, Ellen has served over 4,000 entrepreneurs through her online courses + agency services.

She has been featured on the TODAY show with Hoda & Jenna and in publications like Authority Magazine, The Penny Hoarder, LA Style, and Disrupt Magazine. Ellen is also the host of the award-winning Cubicle to CEO Podcast, which features weekly interviews with successful female founders & business leaders. Subscribe on Apple, Spotify, or Google Play for new episodes every Monday.

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Social Media Marketing for Any Size Audience

Listen to the Episode Here:

Highlights of Episode 083:

  • Ellen's journey to get to where she is today
  • Ellen's system of "marketing minimalism"
  • The beginning stages of Ellen's brand -- What was her hope for the future? What was her mindset?
  • Some key things Ellen did to bring her to where she is today & change her mindset
  • Making investments for your business
  • How bloggers with smaller audiences can start marketing and profiting

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Memorable Quotes:

"Traveler, there is no path. The path is made by walking. I really feel like it encompasses this idea that action is what creates clarity...I really think that action creates that clarity for you."
"When you invest in yourself and you truly shift your mindset to that, instead of looking at something like this is costing me X amount, instead you're saying if I put in this amount of energy, this amount of time, this amount of money, I trust myself to show up and turn that $50 into $5000, into $50,000, into $500,000. Whatever that looks like, you are capable of creating those results and it's going to come back to you tenfold. So don't look at it as you losing something. You only have room to gain."

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