Ep. 084 // 3 Things Your Favorite Bloggers Did to Go Full-Time

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How do we bridge the gap from where we are to where our favorite bloggers are? Those ones that you admire, and aspire to be like. Bree covers the three steps that all of these bloggers have done on their road to full-time. Listen in to make big steps towards your blogging goals!

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Highlights of Episode 084:

  • Our fav big bloggers -- how do we bridge the gap from where we are currently to where they are?
  • Realizing that instant results aren't realistic
  • What bloggers did in their journey to full-time:
    • 1. Set concrete goals & create a strategy to reach them
    • 2. Get clear on who your audience is & what problems you're solving for them
    • 3. You have to have a yearly content editorial schedule

Links Mentioned:

Memorable Quotes:

"The fact of the matter is -- we are only seeing a fraction of what these talented bloggers have done to build these successful brands. We often think that it is an overnight success because that's what we saw & that's what we experienced."
"As content creators & bloggers -- I want to have my content out there so that way when my audience is ready for it, I've got it for them."

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