Ep. 087 // How Finding a Mentor Can Help Grow Your Blog with Kelsey Chapman

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Who knew that wanting to start a blog because someday you wanted to write a book would lead to an incredible journey? Author, Kelsey Chapman joins us to share her story of blogger to published author, and why having a mentor in her life got her to where she is today. If you're wanting to write a book or looking for mentors in your life or blogging journey then tune in!

When Kelsey first launched my own brand in 2015, she felt all the overwhelming feelings, too. It was scary to take such a huge leap and commit to showing up for a dream she didn’t know would pan out. Mentorship is what pushed her to rise up and continue making her dream a reality. Over the first few years of business, she leaned on the shoulders of several incredible mentors who took her under their wing and taught her how to make the jump from dreamer to doer.

Kelsey needed their expert wisdom to shift old perspectives, discover the next right steps that would help her execute the vision, and stay hopeful throughout the journey. Her mentors helped shape her character so she could become the CEO and leader she is today. Now she is excited to pay it forward and be that cheerleader for you, too… because she believes YOU can turn your wildest dreams into REALITY.

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how finding a mentor can help grow your blog

Listen to the Episode Here:

Highlights of Episode 087:

  • Kelsey's beginnings in blogging & sharing her success with others
  • How Kelsey started writing & what inspired her to write her new book
  • Remembering the journey & helping those behind you
  • Where & how to find a mentor
  • Finding the right fit & finding beauty in following someone that's 3 steps ahead of you
  • Releasing her new book!

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Memorable Quotes:

"I think giving back is a great way to take your role in a group to the next step in a relationship & help you stand out with someone you want to mentor by serving them."
"When you, as the mentee, invest in them, they notice...When someone gives back to me when I'm tired, when I've run myself ragged...if they take an additional step & invest back into me, it makes that relationship so effortless that I want to show up more for them because it's just effortless."
"Asking for someone's guidance on walking the road you're currently walking, someone who is maybe 3 steps ahead of you, they've navigated it. They can shortcut your distance by years. And that's not just stress or arriving where you want to arrive at sooner. It's also your bottom line. You will be more profitable when you ask for help."

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