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Ep. 088 // Reducing Blogger Overwhelm with Systems with Geomyra Pollard

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There are two things we want to avoid in our blogging journey: overwhelm and burnout! Tune in as guest Geomyra shares her advice for reducing overwhelm both in your business and your life! She's a well-rounded life coach so she knows what she's talking about and gives us actionable advice.

Geomyra Pollard is a well-rounded life + biz coach for creatives that aspire to create and live with grace, passion, and purpose. Through her coaching firm, Coaching for Creatives, and her podcast, A Well-Rounded Life, Geomyra finds joy as the strategic support and encouragement for entrepreneurs seeking a thriving business and a well-rounded life!

As a former wedding planner and designer, she uses her fifteen years of experience and formal education to coach clients, so they may focus on what matters most. She is a systems and workflows guru, lover of handbags, and she can’t live without dessert! Geomyra is married to her high school sweetheart and is the proud mama of two.

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reducing blogger overwhelm with systems

Listen to the Episode Here:

Highlights of Episode 088:

  • Systems that bloggers need to implement to reduce stress
  • Maximizing your time by batching content
  • Utilizing your team
  • Setting realistic expectations & taking baby steps to take to make big moves happen
  • Taking your time with projects & knowing things won't be perfect
  • How Geomyra gets her clients motivated to execute these systems
  • How to create a well-rounded life when you're being pulled in a million directions
  • How Geomyra balances her own life

Links Mentioned:

Memorable Quotes:

"You need a system when you're trying to create content & put the best of the best out there, because that actually allows you to not reinvent the wheel. You're going to be posting often, you're going to be showing up for your audience, but let's make it consistent. It makes it easier so that you actually have time...We're going to work smarter, not harder by putting those systems in place."
"We are always in beta. You can always go back & make it better. You can always improve it. It's not going to be perfect the first time you launch it or create it. If you look at some of your favorite blogs or even some of your favorite podcasts or courses that you've loved, it wasn't perfect from out the gate. We're always making it better and better and better, and you can do that too."
"Don't make excuses because there's always someone else that is doing what you want to do, which should encourage you to know it should be done. But sometimes it comes down to time management, and putting a system in place, and setting those realistic goals when you get started."
"Slow walk it & give yourself some grace along the way. One step at a time, one day at a time. Do not look at the whole, big system...Break it down into pieces, then work on those steps, then fine-tune it."

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