Ep. 089 // Clubhouse for Bloggers with Nicole Saunders

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There's a new app on the scene that's got a whole lot of buzz around it -- Clubhouse! Join us as Nicole Saunders breaks down the app for us and shares how to use it strategically. If you've been on the app, it can seem overwhelming. Nicole shares how to use it, where to spend your time, and how to use it to grow your brand!

Nicole Saunders is a business coach for female-identify entrepreneurs. She empowers womxn to grow their businesses by tapping into their personalities and strengths. When not working with clients, Nicole can be found hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina with her husband and their three dogs while jamming out to Mumford & Sons. She loves making pottery and is obsessed with personality tests!

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clubhouse for bloggers

Listen to the Episode Here:

Highlights of Episode 089:

  • How Nicole got started & her love for Clubhouse
  • What Clubhouse is & how it works
  • The way Nicole uses Clubhouse to leverage her business
  • Nicole's tips for those wanting to grow with Clubhouse
  • Ideas for topics to chat on
  • Things Nicole wishes she knew when she first joined Clubhouse

Links Mentioned:

Memorable Quotes:

"Relationships are the lifeblood of my business. I really do love meeting new people -- even as an introvert. But time-blocking & knowing if I can commit to something or not is important. I was going nuts on there at the beginning...I've started setting goals & boundaries for myself."
"There's a lot of FOMO on the app. So if you can't commit to being on the app for 17 hours a day, don't feel bad. You can only be on there as much as you can give to it -- and that's okay. But to get the most from it, you have to be strategic about it. If you can only be on the app for an hour while you're working out at the gym, that's fine, but raise your hand, get in a networking room so you can pitch yourself."
"If you're on here now as an early adopter, not only can you position yourself as the expert in whatever blogging industry you're in, but people are then going to see you on here first. If brands start seeing that you already have 10k followers, that's huge. This is a thing that isn't going away."

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