Ep. 092 // Creating Your Own Personal Brand Story with Karla Gregg

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How are you feeling about your brand? Do you know what your brand story is? If you're not feeling 100% there or want to step up your game then this is the episode for you. We're talking with Karla Gregg about honing in on your brand story so you can grow your blog more quickly, build brand awareness, and make sure your audience knows exactly what you do and why they should follow you.

Karla is a Personal Brand Story Strategist. She helps leaders dig deep into their story & share their truth to build courageous brands!

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Listen to the Episode Here:

Highlights of Episode 092:

  • Who Karla is, what she does & her personal brand story
  • How Karla built her own brand story
  • What is a brand story & why is it important to have one?
  • How a brand story ties into your "why" and your niche
  • How others can start creating their own personal brand story

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Memorable Quotes:

"[A brand story] is really about self-reflection -- who are you as a person & where are you at your core. That's what's really going to create an impact...we're constantly evolving & the "what you do" will change."
"It's about getting creative & asking yourself, how can I use this experience that's happening now in my life & do it to create content with ease. It's all about storytelling -- even when we're selling, we're storytelling. It's very powerful to become a great storyteller when you're building a personal brand."

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