Ep. 093 // Easily Grow Your Email List with Martha & Rebecca at Flodesk

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Today we're having a chat with the founders of Flodesk, the best email marketing service! We chat about the best practices for growing your list, and why it's so important to do so. We also discuss why it's important to focus on email over Instagram, and an insider look at what the most successful Flodesk users are doing!

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Highlights of Episode 093:

  • The history of Flodesk: how Martha & Rebecca met and their journey
  • Why people should focus on building an email list and not just growing their social media presence
  • How much more effective is email marketing than Instagram?
  • The best way to start growing your email list
  • The best practices that the most successful Flodesk members follow

Links Mentioned:

Memorable Quotes:

"Email marketing levels the playing field. Almost every other platform is making you a victim of their algorithm. Whether the algorithm favors people with a big following, or high engagement, or high spenders -- email is still something that is in your control."
"Even if your email provider disappears -- you still own your list. You still have a way to get to them. You don't lose all of the efforts you put in."

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