Ep. 098 // Grow Your Blog with YouTube with LaShonda Brown

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We've established that video is queen! Now, how can we harness the full power of video and YouTube to grow our blogs? YouTube coach, LaShonda Brown, joins us to share just that! Learn how to grow your income and pageviews by posting video content on YouTube, and what it really takes to get started making additional passive income through your video content!

LaShonda is known online as the Tutorial Queen. She is extremely passionate about helping entrepreneurs leverage technology to reduce stress and reclaim time with tools and tutorials while they are in the bootstrapping phase of their careers. She is an award-winning Corporate Film Producer, Top-Level Squarespace Expert, Canva Certified Creative, and the Creator of Bootstrap Biz Advice on YouTube.

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Grow Your Blog with YouTube

Listen to the Episode Here:

Highlights of Episode 098:

  • Who LaShonda is & what she does
  • What happened to LaShonda when she showed her face more often on her social media
  • Advice for those considering YouTube
  • Accompanying & repurposing blog posts with video
  • Using YouTube as a tool to generate website traffic & affiliate income
  • How to use YouTube ads
  • How often do we need to post on YouTube?

Links Mentioned:

Memorable Quotes:

"I truly believe that the #1 reason that someone should be creating content for YouTube, even if they're creating content for other platforms, is you get paid when you post...When you post something on Instagram, you're lucky if people care about it a week from now. But if you create it as a YouTube video & that video starts gaining traction 6 months from now, you still get paid on that content. So I am always asking people, have you really explored all the possible avenues for income streams for your business?"

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1 Comment on Ep. 098 // Grow Your Blog with YouTube with LaShonda Brown

  1. This was sooooo good. I had just thought YouTube wasn’t for me. This changed my mind completely!

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