Ep. 100 // 100th Episode! Bree + Call-Ins

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100 episodes of the Thrive Blogger Podcast! Oh my goodness, we are so excited and can't believe it. Thank you to our amazing listeners for sticking with us this long and for your constant feedback and encouragement. You guys are the best listeners we could ever ask for. Today is a special celebration episode and we're also answering questions that you called in about! Check the show notes for the number to call in yourself! 

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100th Thrive Blogger Podcast Episode  Celebration

Listen to the Episode Here:

Highlights of Episode 100:

  • 100th episode! Yay!
  • The kind words you guys have sent us about the podcast!
  • Answering questions from the Thrive Call Line!
  • Call the Thrive Call Line --> 614-344-8560
  • Our intro song!

Links Mentioned:

Memorable Quotes:

"We want to thank our listeners! Without your support, this podcast never would have made it to this episode. By you guys listening, subscribing, leaving us reviews, sending us DM's, and emails about how much you love the show, it all means the world to us. We save every single message!"

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