Ep. 017 // Advice for the Mompreneur with Samantha Foster

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Samantha Foster wears many hats. She's the CEO and manages business and marketing for Jonathan Ivy Photography, the blogger behind The Pink Envelope, and mom of two! She feels like she does many things and does a great job, but the thing she says she has the best handle on is being a mompreneur.

If you're a mom or going to be one day, listen in for tips on how to optimize your time, deal with mom guilt, and manage all of the things.

Listen to the Episode Here:

Highlights of Episode 017:

  • The misconceptions of being a Mompreneur
  • Working from home
  • Creating a plan & optimizing time to work for the whole family
  • Overcoming mom-guilt
  • Advice for moms with kids of all ages
  • Dealing with burnout as a mom
  • Being present and having a tribe to support you

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Memorable Quotes:

"My word of the year is "optimize…" Having an itinerary and a plan for your day allows you to optimize your time. It allows you to map everything else out. It allows you to keep yourself on track so that you don't get wrapped up into distraction…My work is planned and my play is planned…By having all the things planned out, you erase the opportunity for guilt."
"Stop beating yourself up. If you wouldn't say it to a friend of yours, don't say it to yourself…Stop and think about how you're treating yourself. Stop and think about what you would say to others and what you would want others to say to you and then repeat it to yourself. I know you wish all the toys were picked up and I know you wish you were cooking delicious homecooked meals. I'm right there with you…But you have bigger priorities…and that is okay. Tell yourself over and over, you are good enough. Remember, we believe what we say over and over."
"The importance of being present where you are. Stop thinking or wishing you were somewhere else. Stop feeling guilty about where you're not. When you're at work, be proud to be at work. Work hard at work. This is your time to work. But when you're with your family, the same applies…A really good schedule helps with this."

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